Bender Gallery 2012 

Title: Pandemic
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 60x80x4cm (24x32x1,6in)

Title: I´m listens when you need it
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 40x50x4cm (15.7x19.7x1,6in)

Title: Saxophone Jam Session
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 40x50x4cm (15.7x19.7x1,6in)

Migration Tolerance - Intolerance

Should the right to migrate be controlled?

Is it only reserved for the impoverished and conflicted?

Who defines the parameters of approving or denying a person’s desire to migrate?

Is it a political issue dabbling in morality.

Is it the good country versus the bad country.

What if for every person who wanted to migrate,

a person from the host country migrated to the immigrant’s country.

Would this change the debates, the rules, and the right to migrate?

Would migration even be an issue?

"A conglomeration of ideas,

scattered thoughts,

and dreams

embodies us all.

Some we migrate to

and tolerate.

While others, we cast aside."

Featured In TV - Open Channel - Sweden
April 2013

Migration Tolerance - Intolerance

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 60x80x4cm (24x32x1,6in) 3D

Title: Complex Faces In Complex Societies
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size; 61x71cm (24x28in)

Title: Who do I turn to When you turn away?
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Medium: 40x50x4cm (15.7x19.7x1,6in)


Earth Wind & Fire - Cityscape

The state of the Earth is in limbo.

With advances in technology comes increased consumption.

The green of the Earth is becoming less green

to build more houses and businesses.

Increased use of fossil fuels contribute to

greenhouse gases filling the air.

The sea levels are rising.

The Earth is becoming warmer.

The climate is changing.

Efforts are made to reduce global warming.

However, these efforts are not fast enough.

Why are they so slow?

Is it because we do not understand the changes?

Or is it because there is not enough importance given to the changes?

Title: Earth Wind & Fire - Cityscape
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 40x50x4cm (15.7x19.7x1,6in)

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Heritage & Future

Art Is More Than Art
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Art is a genuine catalyst. This means that art is always at present without being consumed itself.
That's probably why art has followed humanity since the dawn of time, and still do. It is probably also why Art is used as reference, and are closely interlinked with today's Luxury.

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