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There are a lot of benefits waiting for their recipients. Would you like to be one of them, welcome, sign up, and join us on the exciting journey that begins in 2017. From the dawn of humanity was the art and it still is, regardless where you live in the world.

Art can be threatening for some political and religious fundamentalists. For others it is stimulating, developing, entertaining and healing.

Whether we live in a permissive or "forbidden" arts culture, humanity lives in a never-ending network. It is constantly evolving and it seems that ART is the only thing that is left of our civilization that holds us together, as we have in common.

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Art Is More Than Art
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Art is a genuine catalyst. This means that art is always at present without being consumed itself.
That's probably why art has followed humanity since the dawn of time, and still do. It is probably also why Art is used as reference, and are closely interlinked with today's Luxury.

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