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Art Rocks©When Simon and Sophie Meet
The Sculpture That Comes Alive

Children´s Book Summary

Who doesn’t love art? Simon and Sophie, that’s who.

The cousins ditch their class tour of the museum because art is BORING. But, while exploring all the rooms and corridors on their own, they enter a world of mystery and suspense.

This fantasy picture book for the 7 to 10 year old takes Simon and Sophie on a personalized tour of the museum by one of the its sculptures.

Arthur, who was turned to stone with his grandfather years ago, comes to life when the cousins enter the room his exhibit is in. After Simon and Sophie recover from the shock, Arthur shows them all the wonders the museum holds. But, once the tour is over he has to go back into the sculpture. Just before he freezes in place, he tells the cousins what they can do to help him and his grandfather become alive again . . . and stay alive.

Dear Bender,

It is not that often that an artistic talent like Kenth Bender is shows up and gets recognized inside and outside Scandinavia.Kenth a gifted and talented artist known to all of us who have been exposed to the art of Kenth.

Having turned his talent into writing, decorating and allowing to have published a book teaching young people Art and Culture in a language that is understood and is comprehended in an instrumental way and is illustrated is hard and ambitious and not easy.

Kenth has passed this test with flying colour and we salute him for his efforts and his results.Kids understand when told in a language they relate to. We can all enjoy the result and share the moment and hope this is the first of several books and in the highest traditions of Swedish children book culture for which Sweden is well known world wide.

Art Nordic
Boi Wynsch
Sr. partner

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Have you ever wished your child or children, at an early age, in small steps, learn more about
The Greatest Phenomena in our Civilization;

Art & Culture?

Then you maybe going to like my upcoming Children´s Illustrated Book Series about how

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Kenth Bender

Big Day is Comming The 1st Children´s Illustrated Book in the series will soon be published. Age 7-10 years.

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