Abstract Art Paintings

Abstract Art Paintings
It is not always we understand art. Among the few, only a portion of them really understand the concept behind abstract art. What one need know is that, this conventional art style not only aims at exploring form and color. It depends on what perspective the artist use. This kind of artwork draws away from the traditional representational art and brings the art lovers into the world of their artists. This world may simply be ruled by confused emotions producing obstructed images with no literal meaning.

Role and purpose of Abstract Art Paintings
Abstract art paintings may or may not bring into mind any specific real life object since their aim is not to represent. Nonetheless, they still elicit the emotional reactions expected from any good piece of artwork. As such, paintings made using this kind of art are highly recognized and appreciated. The painting need not show the viewer anything specific and need not communicate a clear message. This makes one wonder why then this artwork is highly respected, fashionable and why it is so pricy. A relevant question may be in place; What is a painting? Or if we put something to the question, What makes a painting a painting?

By simply being there and being beautiful, this form of art brings satisfaction to the owner and viewer. All and any abstract art painting requires the observer not to think of what is in front of their eyes. Instead, the paintings desire that the viewers’ let themselves experience the power of seeing and the joy of feeling what they see. Therefore, largely, one can argue that the purpose of the paintings is simply to be appreciated for what they really are. Another question, the hope is that it is also relevant and founded: "What about color in art painting?"

By so doing, these art paintings achieve their main role. This role is to rid you of all your imaginations, beliefs and perceptions. It drives you to a world where nothing exists but the painting itself. The artistic style requires you to draw new simple thoughts about what you see. To achieve what the abstract paintings expect of you as the viewer, you have to be able to see more and at the same time see less.

Title: Scenes From A Marriage

The painting above belongs to the museum's permanent collections at
Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, LasVegas, USA

Techniques applied in Abstract Art Paintings
The abstract art paintings pride themselves for being more explorative than ever before. They allow the artist not to think about the form of what they are delivering but only about what they feel as the artists about the subject.

Essentially the wide application of bright colors and texture, are what make abstract art special. The paintings show neither restriction, not in form nor how much color and texture an artist desires to use. This then makes it more emotional and capable of drawing the buried, vulnerable beings in us and awakening a new understanding.

Abstract paintings are not exactly about nothing per say. Above color and texture, they communicate vivid patterns, lines and shapes. The paintings talk more about their own composition and process than anything else does in your surroundings. Artist Jackson Pollock offer this perspective: "New needs need new techniques. And the modern artists have found new ways and new means of making their statements... the modern painter cannot express this age, the airplane, the atom bomb, the radio, in the old forms of the Renaissance or of any other past culture."

Categories of Abstract Art Paintings
Abstract paintings serve different purposes. Also, they harbour different artistic styles and preparation methods. This exceptionality found in every single artwork makes the paintings to be classified in different categories. For paintings prepared to represent nothing at all in most cases and where the techniques employed are more or less the same, these categories are what represent their use and mode of creation. The common categories include the abstract wall art and abstract digital art. Is there any connection between abstract art and contemporary art? Perhaps we also need to know more about the difference between contemporary art and modern art in order to better understand this relationship.

If the artwork you are viewing and interpreting has a title, note that the title is not necessarily literal, it can often be a metaphor. Therefore, you may ideally adapt the title to your person, personality and your life. There is always something to learn.

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