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Fine-Art-Bender.Com offers through the unique connection between art and luxury, a well-priced, custom-designed and targeted Art & Luxury options that reach your customer during the pivotal art and luxury-planning stage. This art and luxury lovers site is a very much a growing area and site by prospective visitors. 

It offers fine art bender advertisers, through the format of exclusive sponsorships, the opportunity to increase your business in your sector of Art & Luxury industry.

Reach Your Visitors Before They Visit... 

There are many offline ways to advertise your luxury; hotel, villa, restaurant, real estate, cars, bags and all other luxury-related products and services. The non unusual routine is still placing ads in magazines and brochures that visitors can pick up after they "arrive" for a visit, or made their decision.

By the time, when visitors discover your ad, they have probably already made their decision regarding what they "must have."

Companies tend to buy ads or advertising and product placement, of course, in the newspapers of the more influential character. It is ultimately costly and expensive and it misses the reality of how people plan to meet the strong united conception of art and luxury.

At first, they use the Web! Compare targeted online Fine Art advertising with offline ad examples...

Real estate developments have been known to pay a lot to reach high net worth individuals in such and such for a one-time exposure to a semi-targeted audience ("the affluent," who may be more interested in the latest RR, Vuitton, Chanel, The L’Amour Crisscut Diamond Dazzles, Harley-Davidson, Autos, Aviation, Boating, Travel, Watch Collection etc. etc.

"The wealthy" maybe "right now, in this moment" is more interested in the latest in "XX" and it's not necessarily what you want them to be.

People are largely spontaneous in feelings and dreams and it does not always coincide if the information of what they want is not available. But since emotions are governing and affecting the dream, potential customers looking for the nearest way to the information, and the first step, they find it mostly on the Web. 

The right website has the power to reach those highly-targeted customers, and more of them, around the clock, wherever they are or live in the world.

It takes persistent, repetitive, and positive exposure by a trusted authority who shares the passion to deliver the results that your advertising dollars have long sought.

Why Advertise With Fine-Art-Bender.Com?
Almost everyone starts their studies of art and luxury - Online

The Art & Luxury visitors is typically well-heeled and Web-savvy. attracts mid-to-high-end people who are either new to art & luxury or who are long-term lovers of this art and luxury style. Fine Art reach more globally distributed, over 50 countries is registered every day. Mostly from USA and Europe, but also China.

Due to the lack of offline literature specifically about art and luxury, using and visiting almost every prospective customer/client the web. Gradually find the Fine Art And many visitors discover for the first time the strong relationship between art and luxury through this website. 

This is probably due to the phenomenon and the very strong relationship between art and luxury because it is not specifically known in general. It is simply impossible to separate these two phenomena.

The site waiting "patiently" to reach your prospective customer when he/she makes first-time visit and his personal Web research, no matter when it is during the year. 

The Unique Flavor of

Bender started painting in 1987 and celebrates 30 years in 2017. The historical roots extending to 1870. So there are plenty of Swedish culture in each painting, each work of art. Since I started painting, it has been a journey and labor of love, the result of passion, although there have been thefts on several occasions. Back in 1992, I lost 12 original paintings during an exhibition. The matter has never been cleared up. 2009 was the next time. Then I lost most of what I had of paintings, sketches and drawings.

This is not primarily a "commercial" website, so there are few sponsorship opportunities. seeks a small number of quality partners, on a category-exclusive basis, who want to create win-win-win promotional partnerships. 

Fine art is accepting a limited number of sponsorships on an exclusive basis in each category. You must truly have one or more excellent products or services. 

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