Art and Culture in Africa

Art and Culture in Africa

The art and culture in Africa are the most integral part of this continent and you can see and feel it in almost everything that you see in Africa. Its culture is the practices, history and beliefs of its people that make it a complete unique society and its art was not just to decorate something, but it gave meaning and value to life, customs and emotions of each tradition that this continent has. 

The art and culture in Africa always make sense of the world and it demonstrates various phases of life, religious aspects of life and relationship of people with nature. In African arts you will not see anything that is unknown to world, neither it represents the world in some other form because main motive of African art was to eliminate the fear of unknown and to create a more familiar world to live and you can easily see it in terracotta figures as well that are the oldest example of African arts.  

The greatest thing of African art and culture is that, it merges with each other and explain the world in most simple manner that is not possible by any other way. It is like narrating a poetry creating a masterpiece with various objects that people use on their daily need. This include objects that people use for day to day need or for ceremonial purposes, to demonstrate respect to a person or group or to show status of any person or group leader. For this all they took help of Art and it became that's why it is impossible to differentiate art and culture in Africa.  

In African Culture they did not use books or tablets for teaching instead of that they passed the knowledge to new generation by sculptures, objection and direct verbal communication. By these methods they passed their custom, traditions, knowledge and beliefs to new generator and new generator embraced this all with open heart. In this teaching every sculpture, mask or costume may have a different meaning, for example if it is a mask of dual god Gulu, then it talks about life and death both while some other sculpture may be of an ancestor who did something great for tribe or for society. 

In African art mostly they used only those materials that were easily available around the location, but in this art religious activities played a key role and that's how every art piece of Africa is somehow related with culture. If we talk about some of the best art representation of Africa then we will find it on sculptures, masks, carvings, headdresses, cooking bowls and so many other materials that they used for various religious activities to get in touch with unknown world. That's why it is impossible to separate art and culture in Africa. 

Other than this the greatest thing about art and culture of Africa is that almost every civilization borrowed something from Africa for enriching their art in culture. For example, art and culture in Europe borrowed the view about life, you can see so many similarities in Mayan art and culture in North America or display of art on utensils and other day to day objects demonstrate the influence of African art on art and culture in Asia.

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