Art and Culture in Asia

Art and Culture in Asia

Describing Asian art and its culture in one simple word is almost impossible because art and culture in Asia is so vivid and vast. In Asia art is scattered everywhere and it is a part of its culture as well. You can see this Art in buildings, clothing, ornaments, utensils, vehicles, temple and everything else that people use in their day to day life.   If we talk about Asia continent it is the largest continent in the world that include some part of Russia, China, Japan, Korea, magnolia, India, Shree Lanka, Pakistan, Istanbul and so many other countries that have their own art and culture. 

The greatest thing about this art and culture in Asia is that culture and art of one country is completely different from other country of same continent and this difference makes it impossible to define Art and culture in Asia in any one caption or word. However, art and culture in Asia is vivid and different according to countries. but one thing is very much common in entire continent. This common thing is the relation of art and culture with tradition and religion that is the same across the continent and every form of great art in the continent is somehow related with religious activities.  

In China and other part of this area they created huge temples and statutes dedicated to Lord Buddha. That is great form of art and they adopted this art in their culture as well. Other than this it is easy to find so many great lively paintings created by artists that are another greatest thing of art and culture in Asia. Other than this, dresses in this area are equally colorful and artistic that is part of culture as well. Just like Chinese part you can find so many huge temples in India as well. However, these temples do not look anything like Chinese temples, but its size and artistic competency lack nowhere compare to its Chinese counterpart. These huge temples are not only a great piece of art, but that are the part of culture as well.

Just like Chinese part dresses in Indian subcontinent is another great example of art and culture and you can find vivid color and attractive designs in dresses of this part of world. Along with dresses you can find so many artistic ornament and statues as well in this part of the world. In Arabian part of the continent like Istanbul you can find so many great mosaics that are great example of amazing art and rich culture. 

Other than this in this part of the continent you can find some completely different clothing that does not have vivid color, but its artistic design always attracts people toward it. Other than this jewelry designs and utensils are another great example of Asian art.  With these things we can easily say that art and culture in Asia is so vivid and great and greatest thing about this is that every art and culture of every country has so much in it that can just mesmerize any person in an amazing way.

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