Art and Culture in Bangladesh

Art and Culture in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a multicultural location, the mixed culture; deep-rooted heritage is reflected in the activities like literature, drama, dance, music, architecture and painting. The Bangladeshi culture is greatly influenced by Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. Islam has had a lasting and pervading impact in the country. The unique diversity, cultural tradition and the blending of many various cultural backgrounds makes Bangladesh a rich cultural destination. 

The mobility of art and culture plays an important role in the evolution of any art scene. Bangladeshi artists who spent a significant time of their artistic life abroad share their experience and the legacy of artistic exchange between Bangladesh and the world. The panel will include Shahid Kabir, Dr. Mohammad Iqbal, moderated by art critic Mustafa Zaman.

Video: DAS 2018 Talks: Mobility and Bangladeshi Art (in Bangla)

Some of the art and culture in Bangladesh include Festivals the Bangladeshi people have many festivals that are observed in this destination. Some of the famous Muslim rites and festivals include Eid –Ul-Fitr, Muharram, Eid-e-Miladunnabi, on the other hand Christian s observe Baradin or Christmas, while the Hindus observe kali puja, Saraswathi puja and durga puja just to mention a few. There are other festivities observed regardless of the religion or race this is Pahela Baishakh, which is the first day in Bangla calendar or year, Independence Day, the victory day and the world mother language day.  

Literature The literature heritage in Bangladesh is rich, Bengali literature dates a thousand years ago, the literature developed over the years mainly promoted by Muslim rulers. The famous poets of the era included Alaol, Chandi Das, and Daulat Kazi. The modern Bengali literature began in the 19th century and Mir Mosharraf Hossain along his peers was the pioneers of the work.  Music The main perspective shared in traditional Bangladesh music is the Indian sub continent. 

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The music played in this region can be divided into three, folk, modern and classical. The folklore music is about the spiritual and traditional stuff. Some of the famous instruments used in this region include banshi, dhole, ektara and dotara, modern instruments are also infiltrating to the culstural music these include saxophone, guitar, drums and synthesizer.  Painting Some of the famous pioneers of painting in Bangladesh include Kamrul Hassan, Shafiuddin Ahmed, S.M. Sultan and Anwarul Haque. The paintings and culture of painting is popular and there are many artists who are coming up in the region.  

Drama This is an old tradition in Bangladesh, in Dhaka there more than fifteen theatres, which mainly stages plays and dram from the native scripts and other European scripts. The public museum and library auditorium are popular for holding cultural shows. Dance The most predominant form of dance is the subcontinent dances influenced by the Indian and other communities around. One of the famous traditional dances is Manipuri; this is popular with girls in the rural areas of Bangladesh.  

Jatra This is a folk drama that depicts Bangalee culture; the main points described in this dram include tragedy, love and mythology. Clothing the Bangladeshi women wear Sarees; another popular dressing was Jamdani, which had expensive fabric. Naksi kantha is embroidered with quilted and patchwork that produces elegance and traditional type of dressing. The common hairstyle worn by women in Bangladesh is Beni, which is a twisted bun. The male population wears Panjabis, pajamas and Fatuas. Although western clothing is, infiltrating and many people are embracing pants and shirts. In summary, Bangladesh art and culture are rich and diverse.

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