Art and Culture in Barbados

Art and Culture in Barbados

The diversity of the backgrounds of the residents of Barbados Island had created a beautiful combination of various cultures to be identified as the art and culture in Barbados. People living in this island are full of life and so its art and culture displays. Before knowing about the art and culture in Barbados you should know some basic things about this island. The natives of this island are the people born on this land are one of the parents is a Barbadian, if he is born out of the island but is connected to its culture.

Barbadians maintain their connectivity with their family and friends on this island even if they had migrated to various countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Guyana and the United States. The distinctive regional accents and parish districts are some of the regional identities from which one can recognize the Barbadians. Barbados Island, situated in the western Atlantic Ocean on the outskirts of the southern America, is made of coral limestone. 

It is located at 230 km from the northern coasts of South America in the north of Trinidad and 160 km on the east of island of Saint Lucia north of this island. Microclimatic variations, low rolling hills, semi-deserts and rain forests are the other demographic conditions of Barbados Island that affect the art and culture. Most of the Barbadians speak English mixed with traditional West African accent in different tones. Bajan is another English-West African language that was usually spoken by Barbadians but now the number of Bajan speakers is declining gradually since last few decades. 

Difference between both languages is due to the residents of different community districts. All these things also affect the culture in Barbados. While speaking about the culture in Barbados you will find that it had emerged significantly during last few years. The art of this island shows a complete amalgamation of various talents on the whole island in a well-organized manner through different mediums and styles. Barbadian art tries to reflect the lifestyle of the people living on this island and its effect on the environment of this island. 

The art galleries on this island are capable to provide you complete knowledge about the art in Barbados. You can also know about the art of Barbadians by attending several festivals in which they display their art works. So far as the culture of Barbados is concerned you can well imagine the elegance of their culture through the sound of their dialect with which they interact with each other and the crowds that gather on the rum shops. 

Colorful, creative and vibrant cultural events in Barbados are another option to know about the art and culture. The seriousness of the Barbadians about their culture is another thing to consider while searching for art and culture in Barbados. If their togetherness is ever questioned in any cultural event then no one can challenge their connectivity for which they have struggle since long, whatever be the reason of it.

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