Art and Culture in Chile

Art and Culture in Chile

"Art and culture in Chile" are one of the well-known to be unique as compared to other cultures. First, the name “Chile” was derived from the Aymara’s word chilli which means “the land where the earth ends”. This country is seen as one of the nations of Latin America which are the most homogenous both in the cultural and ethnic terms.
According to the ethnic relations of this country called Chile, most of the people here belongs to the ancestry which is mixed and more, so this country has got a, high degree of homogenous culture and this has really prevented the open hostility germination that is between the different groups of the nation which are technical.

Also, the people of this country are known not to have the habit of consciously thinking of terms that are related to the race or color. The ethnic differences are normally not expressed basing on the color of the skin. The Chileans are also well known to be quite patriotic and nationalistic. In the side of their food in daily life, it has got a place which is very special within the culture of Chile. Chileans usually eat 4 times a day.

Their first meal is the breakfast; this mainly consists of light fare that includes the toasted bread together with the butter and an instant coffee that goes with milk. The big meal of the day which is the second meal is lunch which is normally taken between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm. Basing on the traditional facts the two main dishes are always served. Salad of some any other kind may be the first course. A salad which is common is the ensalada chileno and this includes the onions which are sliced, tomatoes which are chopped and peeled and many others. 

The second dish may include the chicken or even beef and it is normally accompanied by the vegetables. At around 5:00 pm in the evening, tea and bread with jam is served and this normally includes avocadoes and cheeses. Lastly, at around 9:00pm, that is at night, most of the families serves their dinner and this is normally a single though a dish which is seen as substantial. This kind of a dish is usually accompanied with the wine which is normally grown in the vineyards of central valley.

In the case of graphic arts, the Chilean graphic arts have gained its popularity since it has dominated by the paintings. This is seen as a collection of work which is good for the people of Chile since the 19th century. They are normally displayed in the fine arts museum and the museum of contemporary art that is in Santiago. The painters of 19th century like Pedro lira really showed rustic landscapes of Chile and portraits of the common people. In the following century Chile had produced many painters who were famous outside the country mostly in the US and Europe countries. Conclusion These are just but some as there are many other amazing cultural facts about this unique country called Chile.

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