Art and Culture
in Small and Medium Businesses

Art and culture in small and medium businesses 

Whenever we think about creativeness, we need to think of this as something we perform every day – resembling thinking. We cannot evade creativity and thinking is the identical. We cannot evade being creative.

Thus when we ask question: How does corporate world value inventiveness and vice versa, our emphasis should not be creativeness but something different and this is Culture.

Organizations need arts. They require culture in their trade. We are staying in an evolution time and this time requests for new models, an innovative organization mind set and different management tools. 21st period organizations are managed and organized for 20th century business backdrop. 

But we are in an entirely new landscape. Today's organizations need new capabilities because they are dealing through new challenges and these contests I summaries in whatever I call 5 Es: 

1) Experience. Increasingly, we are staying in an experience-founded economy. Whenever we purchase a suit, whenever we buy a product, whenever we buy a service, whatever we are essentially purchasing are experiences. As well as so an organization needs to recognize how to shape and how to outline those experiences.

2) Emotion. Creativeness, and more prominently the arts, is around love and passion. Traditionally, organizations have not measured this key factor in generating value; however they are becoming progressively important. I only have to estimation Steve Jobs on importance of feeling and love. 

Nowadays what we need to accomplish is not only the knowledge – the technical awareness – but increasingly what I describe as know-feel: the capability to be in trace with, and usage, emotion, to accomplish excellent consequences. Organizations need to recognize how to accomplish and deal with emotional knowledge.

3) Energy. Organizations, particularly Western ones, require finding a way to involve the energy of persons. Productivity is not simply based on knowledge but also the capability of people to give the finest of them. We need to acquire how to involve this energy both with in and around organizations. 

4) Ethics. We all require becoming more publicly responsible. Organizations need to emphasis not only on productions but increasingly on the results that they create. Again, this needs a new organization mind set, new organization models and new capabilities. 

5) Environment. In terms of sustainability and handling results for that sustainability. I trust these five dimensions are keys to flourishing in the future and that to accomplish them; organizations need to aspect to new awareness and territory. Here is wherever the arts originate into play. 

Whenever we think around the Art and culture in small and medium businesses, we are all conscious of the idea of innovative industry. We are all conscious of using arts for societal and cultural development. And we are similarly aware of whatever is called arts organization: the usage of management to make certain the arts are capable to persist and to flourish. 

Today's organizations are still held in the scientific standard of management, in the theoretic approach. We require moving towards an innovative sort of organization that recognizes the essential role of the human. We require understanding how to accomplish emotion, experience, energy and ethics in the environment.

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