Art and Culture Tour

Art and Culture Tour

Festivals are seen today as contributing factors to economic and cultural development of any country across the globe. Festivals will normally end up having major positive impact on the "art and culture tour" market, which is of great advantage to host communities. Festival organizers now use historical as well as cultural themes for developing annual events. 

These targets attracting tourists and creating a cultural mosaic in host cities resplendent in the way they host such occasions. Festivals are not usually planned to suit specific communities or individuals. They rather get engineered with the aim of influencing the economic and tourism potential of a given region. In many cases, host communities gain significantly in cultural and social terms. A lot of researchers have argued that local communities do play specific roles that are imperative to developing tourism when festivals take place. 

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Events have great potential of generating enormous amount of tourism by catering to out-of-region visitors, sponsorships and grants of either indirect or direct intent. Governments ought to, in a higher degree, promote and support such occasions as a strategic methodology for boosting economic development, cultural tourism as well as nation building. In turn, these events are viewed as critical for attracting visitors together with building image within diverse communities.

The impact of tourism in economic terms arises chiefly from consumption of tourism offerings within any geographical area. Studies also reveal that services related to tourism, which include accommodation, travel, restaurants and shopping are the main beneficiaries of the festival.    The responsibilities and roles of governments plus the society and private sector have in general changed markedly within the last decade. This situation has undergone change where it was the primary duty of state to undertake and foster development of tourism.

The public sector to which the state has promoted this is under constant pressure to reinvent itself. It has achieved this by relinquishing its traditional activities and roles in favor of state/provincial as well as local authorities. This shows the growing influence that establishment of tourism and events sectors has had on how governments and in general business behaves. The outcome suggests that an "art and culture tour" held in a place, causes significant and diverse impact on stakeholders and host population surrounding that area. 

The effects are concerned primarily with cultural, social, environmental and physical, economic and political impacts, which could turn out to be positive or negative.  Review of literature associated with cultural tourism along with the role which festivals play in breeding new opportunities for community-inclined events contrasts in a way with tourist events that boast having fragile links with local communities. 

Community-based occasions moreover extend an opportunity for celebrating local identity as well as community empowerment, creating tremendous tourism prospects for the affected local area.  Development of conditions that favor art and culture tours should be viewed as being of primary importance to the sustenance of local communities. Governments from all around the world ought to mainly propagate interests that will market community-oriented festivals to ensure they themselves do achieve multifaceted administrative success.

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