Art and Luxury Style

Art & Luxury Style

"Increasingly, luxury brands join forces with the arts today". (Kastner. Olga Louisa, 2013).

"The two concepts are very closely interlinked – so closely, in fact, that it seems impossible to separate them completely. Indeed, they are two related concepts. Luxury is close to art as it is close to religion.

In the first place, both go back to the dawn of humanity - many of the objects found in early tombs are both objects d´art and luxury items; it is very likely that luxury and art came into being at the same time, or were perhaps for a long time indistinguishable". Even today many traces can be found of this long common infancy, and there is clearly a considerable overlap between the two concepts. 

The origins of luxury: religious elevation
It is legitimate to start from the fact that we bury our dead, proof that we are aware of are own mortality, is what sets us apart from animals.

In other words, humanity is as old as the period since we started to bury our dead. And what, apart from the skeletons, do we find these graves.
We find objects that with the passage of time are more and more refind, until eventually we start coming across long-lost tombs with occupants who have been buried with the most precious jewelry and symbols of their power, such as weapons, horses, and even ships". (Kapferer. J N and Bastien. V, 2015)

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Art is a genuine mental and visual catalyst. This means that art is always at present without being consumed itself.
That's probably why art has followed humanity since the dawn of time, and still do...
probably the only phenomenon in our civilization that is including, regardless of culture


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