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Take a tour through the exhibition Photography’s Last Century: The Ann Tenenbaum and Thomas H. Lee Collection with Jeff Rosenheim, Joyce Frank Menschel Curator in Charge of the Department of Photographs at The Met.

Video: Exhibition Tour—Photography's Last Century: The Ann Tenenbaum and Thomas H. Lee Collection

Young learners can explore materials used in Native American clothing with DIA Gallery Teacher Merlin Chappius. He examines different hides, wool, and beading, how the materials were gathered and how hides were tanned for the creation of clothing.

Video: Art Bytes: Native American Clothing

Just Down the Street is the title of Los Angeles-based artist Luchita Hurtado’s inaugural presentation at Hauser & Wirth Zürich. The eighty-year career of the Venezuelan-born artist spans various artistic movements and styles. The exhibition at Hauser & Wirth Zürich features a selection of Luchita Hurtado’s early drawings and paintings from the 1960s. The exhibition runs until July 31, 2020.

Video: Luchita Hurtado: Just Down the Street / Hauser & Wirth Zürich

King George V and Emperor Hirohito are among the motley crew of monarchs depicted in a lightly mocking ‘Vanity Fair’ caricature by Vasily Shukhaev. Discover ‘The Reigning Monarchs of the World’ and other highlights from our upcoming sale of Russian Pictures (26 May - 2 June) in this latest episode of ‘At Home With Sotheby’s’. Other highlights include a fascinating ‘View of Moscow’ by Alexei Savrasov and Ivan Aivazovsky’s magnificent view of ‘The Bay of Naples’.

Video: A Motley Crew of Monarchs and Other Russian Highlights

Sarah Thornton tries to find joy in the little things: recognizing someone through their mask at the farmer's market or the ever enticing 6PM glass of red wine. But even as an introvert by nature, she now longs for a time when she can attend a museum opening, gallery dinner or art fair again. In this episode of Phoning It In, Amy Cappellazzo and art journalist Sarah Thornton discuss what lies in store for our “art ecosystem.” As the chief art market correspondent for The Economist and author of acclaimed books including Seven Days in the Art World (Norton), Thornton is a prescient seer of the art market. Despite the quarantine, Thornton finds good reason to suspect underlying strength among buyers, and also highlights the enduring power of art available now – including Francis Bacon’s Triptych Inspired by the Oresteia of Aeschylus, to be offered in Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Evening Auction.

Video: Phoning It In, Ep.3: Sarah Thornton Discusses the Future of the Art World

“Customized Logistics” is the title of conceptual artist Florian Slotawa’s third solo show at the gallery von Bartha in Basel. Slotawa is known for working with readymade objects as a sculptural material. The current exhibition at von Bartha centers around Slotawa’s recent relocation from Berlin to South Tyrol in Northern Italy. It also incorporates the gallery’s 50-year history by placing Slotawa’s works alongside selected sculpture by artists from the gallery’s archives, including Etienne Beothy, Marianne Eigenheer, Enio Iommi, Bernhard Luginbühl, and Beat Zoderer. The exhibition runs until June 13, 2020.

Video: Florian Slotawa: Customized Logistics / von Bartha, Basel

“Pottery making is one of the earliest of the crafts—one of the first of the arts—so old that its very origin is unknown.” In “The Pottery Maker” (1926), an elderly woman brings her granddaughter to a pottery studio in search of a new pitcher—but the mischievous youngster has other plans. This enchanting short film, among the earliest made by The Met, is directed by the renowned filmmaker Robert Flaherty, famous for his feature-length documentaries “Nanook of the North” (1922) and “Moana” (1926).

Video: The Pottery Maker, 1926 | From the Vaults

Vermeer and his contemporaries layered their paintings of domestic life with different meanings and interpretations. In this video, art critic Alastair Sooke and our specialist Maja Markovic take a closer look to reveal more

Video: At Home with Christie’s: Life & Love in the Dutch Golden Age

Take a tour through the exhibition Sahel: Art and Empires on the Shores of the Sahara at The Met Fifth Avenue.

Video: Exhibition Tour—Sahel: Art and Empires on the Shores of the Sahara

Sotheby’s Private Sales allow collectors to buy and sell world-class works of art independent of the auction calendar. In this episode of ‘At Home with Sotheby’s’, specialist Holly Brain reveals some of the highlights available from our Impressionist & Modern Art department. From a melancholy work by Marc Chagall and a beautiful Soutine landscape, to a Matisse portrait and a powerful Bugatti panther sculpture. Click here to learn more about our current offerings and how we can assist your collecting needs.

Video: Chagall and Matisse Lead Modern Art Masters Available for Private Sale

Drop in anytime for a virtual session of our popular series and experience The Met collection through creative drawing challenges. This week, celebrate the changing of the seasons with a botanical drawing exercise that focuses on composition and building shapes through simplified forms. Check out the source image below, grab a pen or pencil, a sheet of paper, and some flowers or houseplants, and get started whenever you're ready.

Video: How to make a botanical drawing: composition and simplified shapes | Drop-in Drawing

Join Chairman Amy Cappellazzo for an exploration of Brice Marden’s Window Study No. 4., offered in Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Day: An Online Auction. A breakthrough for the artist, Window Study No. 4 crystallizes the moment in which Marden incorporated symbols from the natural world with the ethereal quality of light.

Video: A Window into the Sacred and Secular Work of Brice Marden

"Dusting off the relics," Tim Gunn, educator and former-Project Runway host, describes how he sees fashion history in art at The Met and teaches his students to find relevance in the art of the past.

Video: How Tim Gunn sees fashion history in art at The Met | Met Stories

Sotheby’s specialists may be confined to their homes for now but our upcoming sale ‘Eclectic | London’ (2 – 18 May) has no such restrictions. Gone are the confines of geographical region, period and material. Instead this sale celebrates art works created hundreds of years and thousands of miles apart. Discover works from Henri Matisse to Damien Hirst, from Qing Dynasty China to Iznik ceramics. From Old Masters to Impressionist and Modern, Contemporary, Photographs, 20th Century Design and much more, Eclectic | London offers something for every collector. Estimates start from as little as £500, and with many works offered without reserve, it also offers something at every price level!

Video: Eclectic Art to Inspire, Escape and Engage

Consider one of the masterpieces of The Met collection, a painting by Nicolas Poussin, as a Met curator reflects on its meaning and shares new perspectives given the experience of our current moment.

Video: Nicolas Poussin's Blind Orion Searching for the Rising Sun, 1658 | Insider Insights

How did interior spaces inspire Impressionist artists like Manet, Degas, Vuillard and Bonnard? Find out in the first episode of our new series, hosted by art critic Alastair Sooke and our specialist Giovanna Bertazzoni

Video: At Home with Christie's: Intimacy & Impressionism | Manet, Degas, Bonnard, Vuillard

Although this popular motif, the paisley, originated in the East, it has become a worldwide fashion staple named for a town in Scotland. The intricate, tear drop shape developed from the Persian "boteh" and is believed to be based on a bent cypress tree symbolizing fertility and prosperity.

Video: India: Fashion's Muse | The Evolution of the Paisley

In 2007, we filmed both the exhibition as well as the accompanying art talk of Mexican artist Carlos Amorales in Zürich, Switzerland. As part of our VTV Classics series, we are now publishing a re-edited version of the 2007 video of the opening. Furthermore, we are soon publishing an unreleased recording of the art talk that took place at Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Zürich.

Video: VTV Classics (r3): Carlos Amorales: Dark Mirror (2007)

Can’t remember Covent Garden before the Apple Store? In this episode of ‘At Home With Sotheby’s’, Old Master Paintings specialist Georgina Eliot introduces mid-season sale highlights, including a 17th-century view of London’s iconic piazza. The sale also includes excellent examples from most major schools of Western European art and over 70 portrait miniatures from the celebrated collection of the late Dr Erika Pohl-Ströher. With estimates ranging from a few thousand pounds to over £50,000, this is both the perfect introduction to Old Masters and an opportunity for established buyers to expand their collections. ‘Old Masters including Portraits from the Pohl-Ströher Collection’ runs from 29 April to 7 May.

Video: An Iconic View of London and Other Old Masters Highlights

Look, listen, sing, and have fun with picture books. Recommended for families with children ages 18 months–6 years. This week, Met educator Julie Marie reads “You Can't take a Balloon into the Metropolitan Museum” and connects it to “The Temple of Dendur.”

Video: Storytime with The Met: You Can't take a Balloon into the Metropolitan Museum

As John Gilpin rode helplessly atop a runaway horse, what began as a simple journey to meet his wife for their wedding anniversary, devolved into a raucous comedic caper. Holding on dearly as he sped out of town, poor John Gilpin lost his hat, his wig, his cloak and most importantly, his wine – two large bottles to celebrate his special occasion. The ridiculous, comedic ballad was an instant hit when English poet William Cowper published it in 1782. Nearly 100 years later, when the Stockbridge Races in Hampshire, Southern England, were awarding the winner of “The Stockbridge Cup,” they presented this dashing Victorian Silver Punch Bowl, by John Hunt and Robert Roskell, emblazoned with familiar scenes from Gilpin’s most perilous pursuit. This April, this magnificent punch bowl is offered as a highlight of Sotheby’s Style: Silver, Furniture, Ceramics Auction. (22 April | Online)

Video: John Gilpin’s Wild Ride

We continue our series of VernissageTV Classics with a time travel to Art Basel in 2007. The Art Unlimited sector of Art Basel 2007 featured some 70 artists from 28 countries. Art Unlimited offers artists and galleries a platform for works that exceed the scope of conventional art fair exhibition booths, including large-scale sculptures, video projections, installations, wall paintings, photo-graphic series, and performance art. In 2007, the sector included works by artists such as Catherine Sullivan, Mark Wallinger, Pierre Huyghe, Ai Weiwei, and Katharina Grosse.

Video: VTV Classics (r3): Art Basel 2007 / Art Unlimited (2007)

How CITYarts Transformed Alexander Hamilton Playground with Community Youth and Artist Hugo Bastidas: Following in the Footsteps of Alexander Hamilton was a 3-year long mural project in Harlem, NY (138th and Hamilton Pl.). These three 80'H x 25'W Murals celebrate the unique community identity of Hamilton Heights, where Hamilton lived, and inspire our youth to follow in his footsteps.

Video: How CITYarts Transformed Alexander Hamilton Playground with Community Youth and Artist Hugo Bastidas

Beautiful but deadly; hear more about Titian's retelling of Ovid's poignant stories of Diana in paint. Diana, the strong, beautiful goddess of hunting is a subject Titian chose for more than one painting in the ‘poesie’ series; not least because she embodies two of Philip II’s favourite pursuits, women and hunting.

Video: Titian's 'Diana's | Titian: Love, Desire, Death | National Gallery

Find out why this renowned artist destroys his own paintings if they are too beautiful. Watch the interview with the acclaimed Danish artist Per Kirkeby (b.1938 - d.2018), about building art on the ruins of your ideas.

Video: Per Kirkeby Interview: We build upon ruins

As part of the backlot program of Frieze Los Angeles 2020, the galleries Hannah Hoffman, Los Angeles, and Bortolami, New York, presented a sculptural installation by artist Barbara Kasten.

Video: Barbara Kasten: Intervention / Frieze Los Angeles 2020

In 2006, Artfacts.Net and VernissageTV visited German artist Wolfgang Petrick in his studio in Berlin. The studio visit and conversation between Wolfgang Petrick and Artfacts.Net founder Marek Claassen not only offers an insight into the artist’s work, it is also an interesting document of the times when Petrick talks about his time in New York and Berlin. As part of our VTV Classics program, we have reworked the footage and are now releasing it in a new version.

Video: VTV Classics (r3): Wolfgang Petrick / Studio Visit (2006)

Video: Ida Kohlmeyer: Cloistered | Berry Campbell, New York | Gallery Walkthrough

Brenda Schmahmann, Julian Solms, Jeffery Sturges in conversation for the exhibition of Tom Wesselmann, "A Different Kind of Woman". Almine Rech Gallery, Paris

Video: In conversation: Tom Wesselmann / Brenda Schmahmann, Julian Solms and Jeffery Sturges

Seven Magic Mountains is a colorful public artwork by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone. Located in the desert outside of Las Vegas, the work consist of seven thirty to thirty-five-foot high dayglow totems comprised of painted, locally-sourced boulders. Seven Magic Mountains is produced by the Art Production Fund, New York and Nevada Museum of Art, Reno. The sculpture has originally been scheduled for two years (2016-2018) and is currently scheduled to run until 2021. This video provides you with some aerial drone and gimbal shots of this public art installation in the desert.

Video: Ugo Rondinone: Seven Magic Mountains

On the occasion of 'Alex Katz: Grass and Trees' - a solo presentation of the artist's recent landscape paintings - renowned poet and writer John Yau joined art historian and literary critic Ivy Wilson in conversation to discuss the exhibition.

Video: Gallery Talk with John Yau and Ivy Wilson on Alex Katz: Grass and Trees at Richard Gray Gallery

Artemisia Gentileschi is the most celebrated female artist of the 17th century; a time when women didn’t have the same access to artistic training as men. Specialist Flavia Lefebvre D’Ovidio tells us how Gentileschi’s life story overshadowed her artistic talent for many years but despite this suffering, she went on to become an affirmed artist and proudly independent woman painting masterpieces such as 'Triumph of Galatea'

Video: Artemisia Gentileschi, 'Triumph of Galatea'

Alexander S. C. Rower and Bernard Ruiz Picasso discuss the "Calder and Picasso" exhibition they co-curated at Almine Rech Gallery in New York. Ann Temkin of the Museum of Modern Art acts as moderator.

Video: In Conversation: Alexander S. C. Rower and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso

Video: Francis Bacon: Late Paintings Opening Day Lecture with Curator Alison de Lima Greene

Video: The making of Norman Rockwell's "Golden Rule"

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