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If the forest is not "adequately managed", what happens to the trees..?

After all these years ... it is not very logical, clear-sighted or fruitful, to remain at the cradle on the rigid scale, humanity has already been haunted by the excursions of suffocation, for over 25,550 days, hum the atonal mantra for another generation, and in spite of the internal occupation of tastelessness, expect another timbre.

The world's political and religious leaders daily show their irrelevance without regard to the needs of the growing trees. There are probably also limits to the followers, even those who never paid attention to the leaders' daily deliberate visits to the laundry room in the brainwashing attempt. Ask the gallerists and museums, all categories, they are familiar with the dignity of art. Ask the people around you, they are familiar with how human dignity is handled.

For many years, it has been debated, the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights, (from 1948). Some leaders claim to be supporters of this phenomenon. Other nations claim to use it. While still other nations do not care at all. The latter are usually called dictatorships. But there are plenty of democracies too that don't care. How come? 

Note that "Human Rights" was 'constructed' in 1948, just counting on the fingers. How many years have passed since then, just over 70 years? How is human rights used in the world today? What did the politicians mean in 1948? What purpose have all politicians had since 1948 until today? This elicits both irony, sarcasm and cynicism. What a favor of politicians around the world to offer every population, every nation, every country, "human rights". What important leaders we have.

Why does humanity need this human rights? This "rights" is not intended for humanity in the first place? It is obvious that the declaration is intended for the politicians themselves. The "rights" that lies outside of man, outside the individual, - you and me. That is the hallmark of the "rights". This is not legal "rights". This is political "rights". "Rights" that can never be affected by man because the "rights" is just that. "Rights" formulated by politicians and thus can be arbitrarily followed by politicians who have founded the declaration. Once again we see a spectacle at the big stage theater. A disguised spectacle that we must not discover, let alone use its meaning.

This subject is how I see it and understand it. So, how can we move on? The next step should be to shift focus from; "Human Rights to Human Dignity". A dignity exists within each individual and therefore should be at the forefront.

Wherever you live in the world, in our common civilization:

Taste the word, many times, what happens in your body when you say to yourself; "My dignity is less than...", My dignity is..., My dignity is greater than... "etc. etc.

Neither smaller, lower nor weaker - Not even up or down. Neither to the right nor to the left. Never rewrite, never rethink of the thought, like a square, triangle, rectangle or circular circumstance. What can happen if you do not assert your dignity at every moment, every day?
Always claim your day of dignity in every thought and step.

to be continued...

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It seems that people will always find a way to manipulate the information and take advantage. That includes human rights. Now people is not enslaved …

Some leaders claim to be supporters of the phenomenons as analyzed in this article. It is observed that most nations claim to use it. While still other …

Bender Post 
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If the forest is not "adequately managed", what happens to the trees..? I believe that I they're no properly managed, then life will not be stable as we …

the human rights 
You were expressive and articulate with this piece. it is always right to set records and follow through to avoid explotaitation by politicians

Sad but true! 
This post made me sad reading it but what has written here was all true! People become selfish that they forget they are already destroying the Mother …

Human rights is not politics 
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You do raise a good point. Instead of human rights we should focus on human dignity.

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I've been thinking in this topic for a while and it reminded me that I asked me in the past why the human rights just seem to be a document.. why people …

Rights just because they said so  
This is quite a very thought provoking article, and this came as a shock to me. I never honestly thought that in the grand scope of things, rights of anyone …

Bender Post 
If this human rights are not intended for the common man,it means this self serving politicians only care about themselves..i guess human dignity should …

Rights are for everyone but as you clearly stated, most are hampered by the politicians but everyone should hold unto their dignity above all

Its true that the world's political and religious leaders daily show their irrelevance as such. This post if taken and read with care, will be a nice exposure …

The Way Forward  
It's high time we stop all this crazy politics we get involved with. Democracy has turned to Demo & crazy. We follow politicians, get killed while trying …

This "rights" is not intended for humanity in the first place, how politicians has stolen that as their right. All in the name of amnesty, they are free …

Always claim your day of dignity in every thought and step.This quote sum it all, it really important to fight for your dignity.

Bender Post 
Always claim your day of dignity in every thought and step. Many had forgotten that a good name is at better than riches and wealth which make them forget …

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Bender Post 
The world's political and religious leaders daily show their irrelevance without regard to the needs of the growing trees. Despite the love showered on …

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Our dignity 
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When it's all said and done, all that's really left is our dignity. We can be stripped of money and even plucked from familiar surroundings, people and …

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If the forest is not "adequately managed", what happens to the trees...