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by Michael Ower

When a dictator is in power,human right is thrown out of the window. Most politicians dont care about human right and the feeling that ones right is trampled upon is just not a great feeling

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Jan 10, 2020

by: Kenth Bender

Hi Michael Ower,

Thank you for your comments.

This is part of many things in the sadness of a dictatorship. A dictator who lacks spine. They are some pitiful characters who have never, as far as I know, shown any inner personal strength. They are really so weak that they often have to incite both military and police to get them on their side. The dictator then uses these puppets, both police and military, against his own population. Of course, human rights have never reached the minds of these executioners. Human dignity does not exist in their world of mind.

Best regards Michael,


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