Fine Art in Albania

Fine Art in Albania

The fine art in Albania is among the most amazing in the world of art. From the sculptures, cave paintings and rock paintings found in Albania there is a lot of proof that art began way back in 10,000 to 1,000 BC. In the early days the art resembled human and animal forms. This is how art was made during those times.

However, the fine art in Albania today is quite different from what existed back then. The art has evolved from the primitive forms to more a complex and sophisticated form. However, the work of artists back then is what has made the modern art as it is today in Albania.  The modern art in Albania came into existence in the mid-19thcentury when artists were looking for new standards and endless possibilities. This is how art managed to cope with the ever-changing world. The concepts such as surrealism, fauvism, dadaism, cubism and impressionism were born during those times.

The artists were also highly regarded. There are several artists in Albania that are linked to the founding of important concepts that are the reason for the existence of modern art.  During the late 20th century, relativism was introduced in Albania. This is a form of art that involves the point of that there exists no absolute truth but only relative value that differs depending on one's perception. This is also the same period that saw the beginning of relative art. This form of art has developed into a more modern and stylish form that is today known as fine art. 

Fine arts in Albania were mainly created for aesthetic reasons. At the beginning, there only existed five main arts, these were painting, architecture, poetry, music and sculpture. In the modern day, the fine art can be categorized into two main groups, these are visual art and performing art. The visual art refers to the design, crafting, print making and ceramics in Albania. On the other hand, performing art refers to the use of body and/or voice in order to express something. There are numerous dance and theatre arts in Albania. These are regarded as the oldest forms of performing art that still exist. There is a huge role played by modern technology in advancing fine art to its next level. 

Today, artists in Albania are embracing technology by using cameras and videos as well as other editing devices to develop the modern style of visual arts. The artists are also able to achieve more compelling images with the use of high-resolution lenses. Apart from this, the introduction of 3 D technology has also taken the fine art in Albania by storm. There is so much that people can expect. The one obvious thing is that art is evolving, and the art of tomorrow will be very different from how it is today. The modern gadgets are being used extensively to bring out the best from fine art. In fact, the modern gadgets are capturing a lot of attention and they will end up changing the future. In any case, fine art will forever remain relevant in Albania and many other places worldwide.

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