Fine Art in Andorra

Fine Art in Andorra

About the country;
Andorra is a country that not many know about, leave aside the qualities and the unique skills and vocations that may be found here. It is a small country located in Southwest Europe. The Principality of Andorra lies in the eastern region of the Pyrenees mountains. This country is landlocked, and it shares its borders with France and Spain. The growth rate of the country is less than one percent and population is around ninety thousand only.  

Many people come to visit the capital of Andorra, Andorra La Vella. This capital city is in the southwest region of the country and it has the highest elevation compared to other capital cities across Europe. The city of Andorra traces its formation to the late Neolithic era when the Andosin tribe ruled this region. This city has a thriving cultural center and attracts tourists from all over Europe and other continents. Being in mountainous and landlocked region, the climate of the region is cool and more if a hilly climate. 

Snow falls occur in winter while summers are cool and pleasant.  Its culture and heritage There are much talk about the fine art in Andorra. Indeed, the cultural centers like museums and galleries located in the capital city boasts of the rich cultural heritage and artistic skills of the people.  Works of many local artists are being showcased in the neighboring countries and hence, much interest is being generated about this country and its culture. The culture of Andorra is Catalan in essence. 

The population in this country follow the language and social customs of Catalan. There is much emphasis of art and humanities subjects and their creative pursuits. There are many conservatories to be found of music as well as art schools across the nation.   

The artistic influences
The country is known to exemplify the Catalan culture. The culture has evolved after absorbing different influences and tolerance of different values. Today, there is much creativity and innovative flair witnessed in the fine art in Andorra. The thought trends and art in this country have influences of the geographic location in Europe, open to the Mediterranean and the European countries like Spain and France. 

Today, fine art in Andorra is in demand and gaining the attention of the world. There are distinct influences of the Latin culture, Muslim as well as Jewish influences in their works of literature and art. The upcoming art exhibition 2013 Venice Biennale is an anticipated event among cultural communities across Europe. Here the country made its first debut in 2011. This year will mark the second exhibition of the fine art and artistic skills in Andorra.

The collective wok of three different artists would be displayed here. The art piece called Tempus Fugit, Latin expression for “Time Flies” sets the theme for the kind of work being pursued by these artists. While paintings of the countryside and hand painted landscapes are sold online, finer exhibitions of the artistic skills are exhibited and portrayed in different artistic exhibitions, galleries and museums in different countries of Europe.

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