Fine Art in Argentina

Fine art in Argentina

The ever-increasing demand of fine art products has led to a rapid rise in the production and preservation of these valuable products in many countries. Argentina has not been left behind. "Fine art in Argentina" is quickly picking up as more effort is put forward to preserve the existing items and more artists come up with rare pieces of fine art. 

You cannot speak of "fine art in Argentina" without mentioning the highly regarded National Museum of Fine Arts (MNBA) of Argentina, which is located on Avenida del Liberator 1473, Buenos Aires. The building currently consists of more than twenty-five rooms distributed over three floors; all these rooms are filled with great fine art products. With a collection of more than ten thousand distinct art products, the National Museum of Fine Arts’ collections are considered as some of the best in South America. 

In this fine art center, you will find interesting two-dimensional works such as atypical mosaics, great paintings and drawings, rare calligraphy products and exceptional photographs of the country’s history. Some of these fine art products are said to date back to the beginning of the eighteenth century when immigrants from Europe were coming the South American territories in large numbers. At those times an artist or artisan was a much more skilled creator and a work of art was the useful product of his or her skilled work, something that is so difficult to find in modern artists these days. 

It is here that you will also find special sculptures, state-of-the-art theatres that are well designed to improve on your conceptual art talents, dance and acting illusions.  The great works by El Greco and Tintoretto are displayed at the MNBA Center.    Buenos Aires is also well endowed with up to date architectural buildings that will leave you craving for more views after your first site of this great city. Being the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is highly developed with traditional old-time structures that are hard to find in major cities these days.

Buenos Aires is also the home of one of the most influential Argentine figures in fine arts, the great Xul Solar, whose surrealist work that used watercolors continue to stun the world with their uniqueness. The University of Buenos Aires is another great place where you can develop your drama and dancing skills. This University is well developed with modern state-of-the-art amphitheaters that produce great musicians and poets such as Carlos Gardel whose works continue to inspire a lot of Argentines.

At this University fine art students are incubated to come up with infrequent pieces of fine art works. With over three hundred students specializing in fine arts, the University of Buenos Aires is becoming a great force to be reckoned with in the world of fine art.  The southern province of Tierra del cannot be disregarded when it comes to discussing fine art in Argentina, this region is gifted with canvases deploying the native Selkmen hunting, the European invasion and exploration of the natives, the local culture and great pictures depicting sunsets, way of life and many other visible scenes.   With all these great features, Argentina is a good place to be for “fine art lovers”.

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