Fine Art in Armenia

Fine Art in Armenia

Fine art in Armenia is increasingly gaining popularity as more and more artists venture into this form of art because of its diversity. Most of the time you will find that these works of art portray the things that happen every day in the lives of people or even things that surround them. When this is done then people can be able to interpret what the artist is trying to come up with in their fine art work. 

Different artists are talented in different genres therefore what one artist can do does not necessarily mean that the other too can do the same.  Armenian art begun long time ago before World War 1. However, when it happened things changed a little bit and what remained where just ruins and monuments. This is changing with time as we see more and more artists coming up to reform the system of fine art in Armenia.  Types of Fine Art in Armenia for those who love fine art, you can be guaranteed a variety of options while in Armenia. The artists make sure that they come up with works that are educative while at the same time captivating.  Some of the types of art that you will find there are: 

There are different types of paints available in place. Such paintings are like the oil paints which oil-based paints are mostly used on paper by the artist to bring to form what they want. Other forms of painting are the nudes and pastels. Still life works of art are also gaining popularity not forgetting the common portraits that are embraced by many artists because of their simplicity.  

Sculptures date back from back in the time but most of the original works were destroyed leaving just a few. Other artists are coming up to embrace this type of art and coming up with different forms. Types of sculptures include relief sculpture, stone carvings, wood and ivory carvings. Most of these materials used for carvings are readily available and regarded to as precious making it even easier for the artist. 

This is the most ancient of all the types of fine art in Armenia and they serve as tourist attractions. The most captivating thing about architecture is the form in which the buildings have been made. They are not just the type of building that you see every day. Churches are the most popular works of architectural form of art in this case.  

Music and poetry
When it comes to entertainment as a form of art, music and poetry comes in first in this case. The two forms of fine art show cultural diversity amongst the people. The instruments used in musical performances are also creative. You will realize that their poetry has been saved up in special materials which make them to be long lasting. This is what led to prints as people needed to learn more. The result was civilization in this beautiful city.  It is important to note that most of the Armenian forms of fine art date back in the 19th and 20th century and that is why great value is placed on them. The old and new forms of art are maintained properly for future generations.

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