Fine Art in Bahamas

Fine Art in Bahamas

The art of the Bahamas is unparalleled in its various divisions such as the paintings, sculpture, architecture, and music. The people of this country have a distinctive nature which can be termed as artistic as they have been expressing it through their originality in diverse art forms. A country which is comprised of nearly 700 islands is a representation of a numerous collection of immaculate works of artists.

Video: Brent Malone, Father of Bahamian Art - The 60's

The "fine art in Bahamas" is appealing in an unlikely manner and being filled with warm colors and melodious rhythms it will certainly mesmerize the individuals who love and understand art and send the ones who don’t into bewilderment.    The culture of Bahamas is the root from which the entire tree of artwork has manifested in enormity. The beauty of the islands and their inhabitants has inspired the artists to develop such creations which are splendid, impassioned and divergent. 

Video: Artists of the Bahamas - Junkunu

The Bahamian people have music inherent in them as the most celebrated Goombay is their peculiar heritage. They are also well versed in playing the tunes from Africa, folk songs from England. The "fine art in Bahamas" was developing even at the time when they were subject to slavery. History is evident that there existed bands which were proficient in playing the typical music known as Goombay with a limited source of musical instruments usually made at home. 

The paintings in Bahamas owe their variance to the art forms of Africa which has a great influence on it. The graphic artwork is rich in nuances and portrays the historical events of the country in a descriptive style. The landscapes and seascapes have secured a significant place in the paintings of this nation. The visitors in large numbers have created an impact on the art forms and style of Bahamas as it can be keenly observed by the works displayed in the museums. 

Video: 40 Years of Bahamian Art Exhibition - NAGB 2013

The Nassau County Museum of Art's is very famous and it organizes exhibitions on frequent occasions displaying the magnificent work of the renowned artists both American and European such as Pierre Bonnard, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, Larry Rivers, Edouard Vuillard, Chaim Gross and many more. It has a collection of more than 450 works from the 19th and 20th century.  The islands of Bahamas possess the numerous coral reefs and thus the special coral stone is used by the artists to create sculptures as they carve them into distinctive figures using their exquisite style. 

Video: Bahamas Fine Art Scenery Sample Portfolio By Eric Rose

There are several art pieces which weigh in tons and even more and these contributes towards the uniqueness of the "fine art in Bahamas". Dance is the soul of these islands and it is supported by rake and scrape form of music. The prestigious Heel and Toe Polka, Quadrille are native dance genres to the Bahamians and these are usually accompanied with Goombay music.  As a matter of consideration the Bahamas give life to its art with its rich and legendary culture. Art enthusiasts are fascinated with the quality of work the artists have produced through inspiration from Bahamas thus making it one of the cultural heritages of the world.

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