Fine art Textile

Fine art Textile

Art is illustrated in many forms and fine art textile technique which mainly involves use of fabric and surface design styles can apply on many interior furnishings and wearable items. Textile art can be simple and sophisticated depending on the artist’s skills and focus. Since fine art on textile focuses on aesthetic value, designs make use of color, texture and patterns to please the eyes. Fine art in itself has a message that applies to real life. This reason explains why it is done uniquely on different items. There are quite a number of things to understand with fine art on textile which include:..(Fabrics)

In this segment of Mojarto, we explore Chintz making, a delicate, unconventional art form and see how it has evolved over years. Also on the show, watch Gunjan Arora and Dhvani Behl as they talk about textile and threadwork pieces.

Video: Rediscovering Art Through Textiles

An exhibit of 3-D art works, made of painted transparent layers, showing images of ancient classical robed statues and archetypes restructured by modern concepts.

Video: Contemporary Textile Fine Art

...When it comes to the fabric to use in textile fine art, you have a variety of options. You can therefore choose a variety of materials which include silk, cotton, wool, muslin, canvas or synthetic materials. Each of these materials has different levels of absorbing and bonding paint or dye in their yarns. The kind of paint or styling design you want to use will help you choose a fabric that pairs well...(Materials)

Get inspired by the creative mind of UK-based sketcher, painter and sculptor, Lynne Chapman in this 30-minute interview. Check it out...

Video: An Interview with Lynne Chapman on Fine Art Textiles

...There are quite a number of materials you need in fine art textile decoration. For instance, if painting is your interest, you will need paints and a variety of paint brushes for applying dye or paint. Rollers or spray bottles are also necessary in applying the paint. Fine art on fabrics may also involve use of embroidery or stitches. In that case, you might find yourself in need of hand-sewing needles or a sewing machine and threads of different colors, sizes and materials...(Design)

Marilyn Henrion celebrates textiles as a medium for urbane, sophisticated art. Her hand-stitched constructions transform geometric elements into abstract metaphorical images with strong graphic impact. With frequent references to literature, she uses color, line, and form much as a poet employs words to convey an emotion or idea. As in poetry, the images are meant to resonate, being both themselves and something they may suggest to the viewer. With sixteen solo exhibitions to her credit, and with works in museum, corporate and private collections worldwide, Marilyn Henrions reputation as one of the foremost contemporary fiber artists is undisputed.

Video: Fine Art Textiles & More by Artist Marilyn Henrion

...Textile art can be skillfully made in a variety of mixed-media designs. Art done on wearable fabrics may be done through heat transfer where the designed image is permanently printed on the fabric with use of heat. Fabric painting technique is quite easy and an artist can paint the desired object or patterns on the fabric. Screen printing is another technique to use in place of paint. Some decorative fabrics are made from hand stitches or machine embroidery which brings out a natural and classic expressive touch. Fabrics also employ appliqué designs which involve embellishment with beads, metals or golden threads depending on their use or application...(Application)

A film from studio and exhibitions. Making and showing large scale textile pictures. English subtitles.


...There are countless textile items that employ use of fine art. These items can be used in home or office indoor décor. Decor fabrics with fine art include curtains, seat covers, bed covers, carpets, floor rugs, wall brocades among others. Wearable textiles with fine art designs may include t-shirts, shirts, blouses, trousers, jackets, dresses and shawls. With the variety of designs on clothing, it is easy to pick one that matches your personality.

How to use Photoshop in textile surface design. Mixed Media Artist & Machine Embroiderer, Val Holmes, explains how she layers her own drawings & photos in Photoshop to create digitally printed backgrounds before embellishing them with hand & machine stitching. Val shares the concepts & design processes behind her ‘Legacy Impressions’ Exhibition. Filmed at The Knitting & Stitching Show in London in 2019

Video: 'Meet The Artist' (No:18) | Val Holmes | Textile Artist

Fabric art is a great leisure activity which can also turn out to be an income generating business. The best part of this art is that you can start small with simple and affordable materials. Not much skill is needed create art that people will admire. Fine art textile designs are timeless, you cannot miss ideas to put your skills on fabric and stores will always stock fabrics with artistic designs to suit all tastes.

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Fine art Textile
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