Fine art vs Art

When you are tempted to dive into differences and similarities, then you have probably come across the term's 'fine art' and 'art'. No, they are not the same thing. Although fine art and art are, of course, both forms of art there is a very distinct difference between the two. 

However, as time has passed and art has evolved, the difference that once lied so clearly between fine art and art has now become blurry and unclear, almost unnoticeable. Here we will be discussing the clear difference between Fine art vs Art, please keep on reading!

Fine Art vs Art - What is Fine Art?

"Fine art
is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together."

 - John Ruskin -

Let us first discuss what fine art is!

Unlike art, fine art has been around since the 20th century and it originated in Europe. It is believed that artists: Marcel Duchamp and Pablo Picasso were the first to create fine art.

When an artist creates art, they often attempt to tell a story or send a message to their audience. However, fine art is not as complex. The true purpose of fine art is often described as meaningless by the art community, this is because artists create fine art, not to send a message or tell a story but to showcase its beauty and satisfaction to the eye.

In other words, fine art has the purpose of feeding the artists' aesthetic needs, instead of the audiences.

What is Art?

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."

 - Edgar Degas -

Now that we know what fine art is, what is art?

Art has been around for many years and many more years to come, it has become an especially important element in our world and although it's unclear, the first few forms of art created revert back to 100,000 years ago in the Middle Palaeolithic. Art is a way, in which, we can express ourselves and it has proven to be greatly beneficial to our mental and emotional health. It has even become a source of income for many lucky artists.

But what is art, exactly?

Art is a form of expression of the human imagination and skill. The purpose of producing art is to share the artists' ideas, imagination, and skill. As well as showcase its beauty and emotional power. There are three types of art: painting, sculpture, and architecture.

Art often comes with a message, which can be interpreted in various different ways, depending on the observer. Due to this, art has the ability to connect with many people, in many different ways. Artists often include a small piece of themselves in their art, whether it is a thought, belief, idea, or a simple interest.

Art is complex, and it can include hundreds of different meanings.

Fine Art vs Art

Now that we know what both fine art and art is, what exactly is the difference between the two?

The difference between fine art and art is rather simple.

Fine art will often not come with any hidden messages lying within the painting. It is simply there for you to look at and enjoy its beauty. Of course, it can still hold a special connection with you, but the artist did not intend for that to be the case of their work.

However, art is often created with a much bigger purpose, whether it is to share a message or a story, even the artists' thoughts. Art allows the artist to communicate to others, without having to say anything but show them. And as we have discussed these messages, stories and thoughts can be interpreted in many different ways, as we see the world in many different colours.

So, if you are someone who enjoys art simply for its beauty and do not really think much of it, besides how beautiful it looks. The you most likely enjoy fine art, but if you are someone who enjoys a painting which holds a special meaning. Then, you probably enjoy looking at art,

Same goes if you are an artist. If you are an artist that just simply picked up a tool and created a beautiful masterpiece out of your own imagination, then you've just created fine art. If you have just created a masterpiece with a message you want to share with others, then you have created art.

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