Help That We Need

by Flakky
(Cameroon )

The help that we need isnt just education, it is far deeper. God itself touching the heart of every leaders making them responsible and bring back what Human right actually is. Also all fake leaders be disgraced. Then our dignity can be restored.

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Jan 10, 2020

by: Kenth Bender

Hi Flakky,
and thank you for your comments.

I think, If we feel deprived or violated in our inner dignity, it can be difficult to get it back by wishing it back from the outside. Perhaps it is closer and more immediate to create our own value with the support of the immediate surroundings, like-minded friends and acquaintances, one small step at a time. Maybe one step every day, to the level of dignity we each consider us entitled to carry. One way I found in my first steps to my own level of dignity was through a more straight back and a more "dignified" stance. Not for the sake of others, only for my own well-being and inner strength. To me this was to a great extent both a mental and a physical phenomenon.

Best regards Flakky,

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