Humanity Can Not Solve Social or 
World Problems

Humanity Can Not Solve 
Social or World Problems
with the same thinking we used (during centuries)
when humanity created them*

Our civilization exists because we are different, not that we are equal, or strive for some kind of similarity. We are different as individuals, ethnic groups, political views and religious philosophy of life.

As we strive for to be as equal as possible with people, within a country or between different cultures, we reduce or diminish what is unique to each individual and we only get substandard copies. It is at this stage, every time, we grow risk factors, distances and distortions.

When the ambition or goal is to "become" Republicans, Democrats, Christian Democrats, Environmentalists, Communists, Capitalists, Christians, Muslims or Buddists, they will end in the same stage the goal has been achieved.

This happens, in my opinion, because most of life is in relation to something. Nothing can happen in isolation. Should this happen, it's likely to end with a certain culture or different cultures.

Plus is not available unless minus is available. White is related to black, high to low, long to short, fast to slow or vice versa etc. But love does not have its opposite pole to hate, but to unconcern.

Each individual, family, country and culture has different historical stories. Since the beginning of time, this focus on "inequality" has resulted in misunderstandings, conflicts, violence and war, and is still ongoing today.

We have probably considered "being different" throughout the human historical development as something negative and therefore exclusively guarded our own personal or geographical territory. This always applies in both directions.

This confirmation of inequality, for some time, we can see examples of in Sweden when the political parties are competing to propose increases in the defense budget.

A quest for an unspoken indirect "threatening" antagonist that does not exist. The people are quiet! And the media is quiet! How is this silence possible?

Yes, yes, we understand that politicians mean Russia, we know that. Why are Swedish politicians so afraid of Putin? Why do they drum this mantra?

And then it goes on in one area after another. Or as Einstein expressed it: "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." Albert Einstein

Therefore, we can see and understand why individuals, societies and the world "develops" in the way it does today.

*But, as Albert Einstein also expressed it: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

If it is negative that "all other" people, countries and cultures are different, it is reasonable that our own difference and inequality in relation to other people and cultures is also something negative, but we probably do not want to hear about it.

For some strange reason, we are encouraged to strive for everyone to be as equal to other people as possible. We usually call it common values.

This is where we meet the hidden paradox, now expressed in another way; "We must keep our values together".

The same applies to personal relationships, partnerships, marriages, or wherever we are. If we deviate from the ideal of similarity, it tends to create a certain measure of suspicion.

Or, we are celebrating our own diversity as a force, the only valid one we use as a reference frame. Everything that deviates is considered to be condescending and which is not seldom reduced or we do not give it equivalent to our own value.

This endeavor meets the unique and individual foundation that is now protesting, people are not equal and will never ever be equal. Why are "we" constantly trying to transform individuals into something they are not?

Now, we are likely approaching the core and what causes a great deal of society's and the world's misery; misunderstandings, conflicts, separations, divorces, abuse, military resilience, aggressive political claims, facts resistance, violence, crime, politicians who are more interested in spending time deviations at political opponents, instead of presenting their own messages, military conflicts, religious floods and brainwashing that this inequality creates "unfaithful" people, etc.

The pursuit of this similarity means in that case; "If you're not like me, you're less worth, if I'm not like you, I'm less worth!"

It is noteworthy when so many blows in the trumpet that we simultaneously emphasize the "unique" symphony of each individual, but we "do not allow" to show that side that most likely would be more fruitful.

The great is, therefore, not the "quest for equality", the great is the unique of every single person. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for new thought patterns.

Migration once more

Migration Tolerance - Intolerance

Should the right to migrate be controlled?

Is it only reserved for the impoverished and conflicted?

Who defines the parameters of approving or denying a person’s desire to migrate?

Is it a political issue dabbling in morality.

Is it the good country versus the bad country.

What if for every person who wanted to migrate,

a person from the host country migrated to the immigrant’s country.

Would this change the debates, the rules, and the right to migrate?

Would migration even be an issue?

"A conglomeration of ideas, 
scattered thoughts, and dreams embodies us all.

Some we migrate to and tolerate. While others, we cast aside."

Today there is also another perspective that emerges; with which "right" can one bring his own culture to another culture?

There are many who want a society and a changing world, but few people do anything about it. The majority, billions of people, are a peaceful genus.

Journalists have written many miles in media all over the world. Writers have written about it, musicians have acted and propagated. Artists of different genres have expressed their thoughts. Not to mention non-profit organizations worldwide and all private initiatives.

People generally accept and respect other people. They have a high degree of understanding of differences and, in most cases, see it as something that adds something, not as a threat.

Because this part of our civilization is in the MAJORITY of billions of people, there would be no major thing to begin and create this change.

As you probably already know, it only takes 6-7 steps to reach any person in the world.

Of course, political and religious dictatorships will feel threatened. Why not, maybe it's time they get to know how they put other people under control.

No, of course not, it's not about revenge. It is about the whole civilization experiencing a more human civilization.

Why does the majority of billions of people of the world's population accept the current state, because that's actually what we do through our passivity. Why have we not taken a first joint step?

I have no answer why it was not done after World War II or why it was not done after World War I. Yes, the UN was formed, but it was by politicians. And what muscles do the UN really have when several countries have veto rights?

What is happening in the world for a few years now, what is happening in Syria, Turkey, Venezuela, USA, Afghanistan, North Korea, China, Russia, .......? Should we be satisfied this time too? Or is there enough reason for the billion majority of humanity to start acting? How would that be? It is time for new thought patterns.

Today, september 6, I received an email from the European Union Organization; Culture Action Europe, and they wrote the following about the upcoming conference:

"Belonging & Becoming: Culture, Heritage and our Future.
15-17 November, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, Italy

We all long to belong. In a world that is rapidly changing, a sense of Belonging to communities, cultures, territories offers a much needed anchor and allows us to remain active players in our environments. Landscapes of belonging, however, are nuanced – we ‘belong’ and are perceived to belong in many different ways at many different scales. This enables us to engage in the active, perpetual process of Becoming citizens, societies and living up to our own potential. It allows us to envision new narratives and imagery that connect pasts, presents and futures.
While culture is a cohesive force, cultural divides are constructed to satisfy simplified political rhetoric. How can we, as artists and cultural operators, engaged citizens and policy makers, rationalists and visionaries, develop an inclusive belonging? What is the impact of civic participation on social cohesion? How can we on all levels - local, national and European - create an understanding of belonging based on diversity and inclusion?"

Read more...Culture Action Europe

Ladies and Gentlemen - It is time for new thought patterns.

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