Impressionistic art is a beautiful form of painting which has been around for many years. Most people who are not familiar with art are not aware of what exactly it means. It is imperative that when one starts to collect art to understand the different types and terms of paintings which there are. The more you understand about art, the more can appreciate the beauty which lies behind it.

Learn the story of how impressionist paintings by Monet, Renoir, Cézanne and Degas forever changed the face of the art world and became a symbol of modern French life. Follow these iconic artists’ footsteps on a France river cruise with Viking.

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Impressionism is the way in which an artist views the real subject. It is a form of painting which has to do with how an artist sees the intended subject. In this way one looks at the subject through the very eyes of the artist. This is an incredibly beautiful way of painting since it puts a person in the mindset of the artist as he was painting it. This is a difficult thing to pull off, but if the artist can do it, and then it is a powerful magic when it is done.

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Video: Impressionism - A Revolution in Art

The type of painting is very often than not of scenery which takes place outdoors. The colors are normally used with short brushstrokes. They are vital as they help in giving off the impression of the reflected light. Seeing things in that way help you in seeing more than is always there. With the ability to see the subject in a different way and the illusion of light, a person can truly appreciate the beauty which is in the painting. 

Impressionism is one of the best known and loved movements in Art History, but why? We present a case for why Impressionism is interesting and worth your attention and admiration, beyond the famous names behind it of Claude Monet, Berthe Morisot, Edgar Degas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Mary Cassatt, Alfred Sisley, Camille Pissaro, Gustave Caillebotte, Paul Cézanne, et al.

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The type of painting is extremely popular when it comes to art lovers. Even those people who are just starting in their art collection are always eager to get their hands-on pieces of impressionist arts. It is always a constant challenge for the artists to outdo themselves on the ability to portray the intended subject in a way which they see them. It can be amazingly simple to paint the subject, but to do it in a way which allows the viewers to see it on a deeper level is something which very few artists can do.

Explore the significance of French Impressionism from five points of view: politics, the city, music, poetry, and the self. This introduction explores the wealth and influence of Impressionism in its many forms and contexts.

Video: A New Look at Impressionism: Five Faces of Impressionism

The replicas which are made of the great impressionist artist like Monet can be incredibly beautiful in their own rights. It takes a true artist to understand and appreciate the level of work which was put into the painting by another artist and be able to replicate it on some different level. When you are looking for impressionist art ensure that it is a painting which you feel deeply about. 

You should get one which speaks to you personally and really helps you in understanding what the artist was trying to say when he or she was painting. You will realize that there are lots of different impressionist arts out there. It is upon you to find the one which will be able to help you in appreciating the art. A deep appreciation for the art is necessary to help you understand the true beauty of the art world.

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