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Luxury Watches - The Most Desirable Piece of Luxury!
atches have been the timepiece of choice for decades now. While handheld pocket watches did have their time in the limelight, wristwatches clearly won the lotto. They are not only the most widely used timepieces but an important fashion statement as well. Luxury watches are the best of the lot. Exclusively designed machinery, rare materials combined with top class fashion design make the most desirable. The most popular brands include Rolex, Rado, Hublot, Tag Heuer, Omega, Cartier and several other Swiss watchmakers. 

While Switzerland has long been the home of luxury watches, there are a ton of brands vying for the top slot among the buyers but Rolex has long been the clear leader in this segment. Having a long line of jewel-studded and intricately crafted designs powered by some of the most sophisticated technology in the industry, Rolex watches have become legendary. 

While gold, diamond, platinum and titanium have been used widely in these watches, leather has kept its spot in the mix for decades now. It always seems to be in fashion. The biggest fashion houses in the world still use leather for some of their best watch belts. Arguably, this is where art and luxury meet. However, the epitome of luxury, diamonds, really define the line where art and luxury meet when it comes to jewel studded watches. LW for women too have gained popularity with jewelry and fashion watches blurring the lines. 

The precision and accuracy of a watch's time keeping abilities are the true test of the machine behind it. Also, the instruments included playing an important role. The best, have the time keeping abilities that match the most precise instruments available today. 

While the average starts at five thousand dollars, the most prized ones are available at prices well over ten thousand dollars, even going up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Luxury watches are even resold at astronomical prices with the second-hand luxury watch market being a flourishing trade on platforms such as ebay. Luxury watchmakers make sizeable segments of the luxury goods industry worldwide with revenues predicted to grow consistently as the average income experiences a surge across nations. 

Luxury goods are a constant draw for the aspirational class of people, especially young achievers who are above a certain threshold of income and demand nothing but the best for themselves. Luxury watches are one of the first purchase decisions such a person makes. It adds to the self-worth of the individual and boosts confidence and often induces awe and respect. 

While the mechanical watches that had to be wound daily were a thing of the past, they have made a comeback with some of the top luxury brands with companies increasingly looking to experiment with alternative power sources for their luxury timepieces. The manual winding of the spring which was earlier considered a hassle is now more of a fashion statement, with such watches even making an appearance on the ramp at fashion events. With a revolution in technology, even solar powered watches are now available for some of the most exclusive luxury watches. 

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