Modeling Affiliate Success

What is the secret to succeeding with the Fine Art Bender Affiliate Program?

Of course, there is no secret and no magic-bullet for success in any field. It comes down to hard work, persistence, and just getting out there and "doing it".

But there are skills that you can learn to make the path to success shorter and smoother. And one way to learn them is by watching what successful Affiliates do... and model their strategies.

Create Credibility for Yourself

Put visitors' needs first. Provide great information that helps people. 

Creating credibility for yourself is hard work. You must continually provide valuable information that your audience feels is helpful and original. You must truly care about them. Be sincere and honest. They will feel that.

So build your "brand of one." Create credibility for yourself through excellent content. This is so important because until your visitors trust you they won't care about what you recommend to them. Once that happens you'll start to see your conversions go through the roof.

Create Credibility for Fine Art Bender

Do not begin to sell. Begin to pre-sell and build credibility (from your experience) that it will "generate more traffic" is the kind of statement that creates trust in the visitors and puts them into an "open-to-buy" frame of mind. This is what leads to higher conversions.

Why is creating credibility for Fine Art Bender so important?

Because buying from an artist online they don't know, yet, can make people doubtful. Nearly everyone would much rather buy from a real person, and even better, from a friend. That's just human nature. Make fine art bender their friend.

The result is trust in Fine Art Bender.

And this is the common denominator seen in all top affiliate partners.

Evaluate Your Own PREselling Efforts

Perhaps you are saying to yourself...

"My niche and traffic are nothing like "X". How does this apply to me?"

Everyone starts from the same point. From scratch.

Remember the main goal in your marketing is to convert the highest possible percentage of your visitors into buyers. Top affiliates maximize their conversion by attracting qualified traffic with excellent credibility-creating content. That puts their visitors into that "open-to-buy" frame of mind (using the two parts of PREselling described above).

If you don't own a Contemporary Art Print from Fine Art Bender but have a successful site that has built your own "credibility brand," don't just put up some banner ads. Banners can't create credibility. Take your time and write a heart-felt article about artist Bender and Fine Art Bender that is relevant to YOUR audience. That extra effort can provide income for years.

Know your audience and create top-notch content that is relevant for them and that is right for your site, too. Avoid selling. That's our job.

Your role is to PREsell with integrity, authority and class.

Whether your site generates 100, 1,000, or 10,000 visitors per day, you'll convert more of those visitors into lifetime customers by PREselling through the Content Traffic  PREsell Monetize - process.

OVERdeliver. Add value. Serve. This is the heart of C  T  P . And if you do it well the  M will happen naturally out of your true desire to serve your audience.

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