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The two concepts, Art & Luxury, as you are already familiar with, are very closely interlinked – so closely, in fact, that it seems impossible to separate them completely.

Both go back to the dawn of humanity - many of the objects found in early tombs are both objets d´art and luxury items; it is very likely that luxury and art came into being at the same time, or were perhaps for a long time indistinguishable". Even today many traces can be found of this long common infancy, and there is clearly a considerable overlap between the two concepts.

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I welcome your company sponsorship requests from high-quality establishments within each luxury category. "Site Sponsors" defines as supporters from around the Art & Luxury world industry. 

As Kapferer and Bastien put it; A luxury product is rooted in a culture. We, as humans, are buying not just a piece of material but a little bit of the country as well. Art and a Luxury work comes along with small, but very important, fragment of its soil. Original Bender Artwork Blues has its genuine culture, and for many, an original painting by Bender remain out of reach.

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Heritage & Future

Art Is More Than Art
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Art is a genuine mental and visual catalyst. This means that art is always at present without being consumed itself.
That's probably why art has followed humanity since the dawn of time, and still do...
probably the only phenomenon in our civilization that is including, regardless of culture

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