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Wonderful Traditions in Fine Art Started from the Great Ancient Civilizations

  Learning the history and symbolism behind this can provide direction for any art pursuits, whether buying works or studying, and many galleries and museums have an education section with information about artwork and artists.


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Fine Art

Fine art is a visual art created primarily for beauty and  intellectual purposes and judged for its meaningfulness.

¤ This form however, doesn't only include visual paintings, but
sculptures, drawing and poetry as examples.  It  includes a type of art form from around the 17th century on.

Fine art is about the creation of visual arts which involves painting, sculpting and drawing. Today, thanks to museums and collectors, there are over one thousand drawings by Rembrandt which have been preserved.

For this to be seen as fine art it needs to qualify; so it needs to be graphics, a painting or a drawing, decorative art or photography.  It can be a complete and polished piece of work or it can be a rough sketch or drawing in pencil or charcoal.

¤ It must be an
expression in the field of art and conceived according to aesthetic principles.

An Art Form Depicting Society Accurately
Although many of the newer forms of art are a mixture of different genres, this  form at that time until today is essentially for aesthetic purposes.  A purpose of  the work of some of the artists was to also capture society accurately.

¤ The history of this dates centuries back, backed up by findings of rock paintings, ancient sculptures from cavemen days and even further back.

The lifestyles of cavemen; their hunting and interaction with nature was depicted in their art. To this end this type of art is imagining what the subject means to the artist and then having the means and skills to transfer it onto a painting.

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Everyday life depictions became common with this art style  from the late 1800's on.

¤ Most of visual perception offers an explanation on art creation and the way it is perceived. The Gestalt theorists like Kurt Koffka and Max Wertheimer, among others, studied perceptual processes in humans.

¤ The principles of Gestalt are about understanding that art isn't just about brush strokes, it is a process of perception. Gestalt psychology, founded in 1910, had an influence on modern art and design.

A Visual Expression of Beauty
The artist wants to make the viewer see and feel the painting as beautiful. Drawing is a form of visual expression and an important form of visual arts.

In fact a painting or sculpture created for its beauty  falls into the category of

¤ Aesthetic Art.

Even though the creation of this art dates back centuries, it is still being created today, and the types of art included  for their beauty are:

¤ Drawings

¤ Sculptures

¤ Paintings

¤ Graphics

¤ Photography

¤ Architecture

¤ Performing arts

Many of these arts were not around when it first came about.

All visual works of art involve human eyesight and share some visual aesthetic characteristics. They produce images that are acceptable and which make sense to the brain. They all have a design and they all have different colors.

¤ As the 20th century was ushered in,
modern art started emerging; an artistic style of movement that extended to the 1970's.

There are a number of historians in the field of art who agree that aesthetic art shares something of the
contemporary art movement.

The Way Art Communicates with People
Viewing visual art is more than just looking and reacting;

¤ it is communication between the artist and viewer;

¤ interaction between the viewer and the art object. 

Art has actually been defined as a means for the  expression or communication of emotions and ideas. 

The communication or interaction differs with each viewer because of the viewer's own impressions. 

It is strange to think that because each arts discipline expresses itself through different media and that it appeals to different senses, research has shown that the study of fine arts helps to teach students a better understanding of human experiences and to be able to communicate thoughts and feelings in a variety of ways.

Fine art and the soul

Fine arts are the expression and development of Art forms on the aesthetics. This means type of value forms based on beauty and tastes.

It is more scientifically defined as an

¤ art from which is a sensory and or sensory emotional value

Senses are physiological and feeling capacities of body organism. An art is a form of human activity, It is a type of expression which appeals to the person who observes it and is able to assimilate it. It can also be defined as Mimesis.

Mimesis is a critical term which has several connotations to it. This includes receptivity, no sensuous similarity by the human mind the act of resembling, the act of reenactment and the act of expression.

There is a distinction between fine arts and applied arts.

¤ Applied arts
are specific to a physical object and its change. In a broader sense, it is the application of a proven theory on the physical characteristics or objects in the world. These objects can be some form which has life in it or any matter which do not have a life in it.

¤ Fine arts are defined through aesthetics.
Aesthetics is the study of philosophy which encompasses the study, creation, change and refinement of beauty. Some of the types of fine arts are – Music, dance, Acting or enactment, painting, ideas and concept creation, writing,
photography, beautification and decoration (an extension of painting). In a stretchable sense there are many additives to fine arts. Direction is a form of fine arts, but then it can come under acting. Fine arts and the soul are closely interrelated.

This is because the very creation of a fine art feeling and the evolution of something beautiful is a functionality of the mind. The soul is the unknown still and silent depth of the mind. It sends the stirrings or the feeling to the mind. The mind starts thinking and creates the stirring of the soul into a presentable and visualized form.

¤ There is no two ways about the fact that Fine arts and the soul are interlinked.

Take the case of certain all time immortal and immemorial musicians like – Beethoven, Mozart, and Wagner.

Their symposiums and compositions are not the product of any systematic learning in an educational academy. It was the inborn soul in them which was propelling their mind to come out with compositions which survive the time and tide till eternity. It sends the stirrings or the feeling to the mind.

¤ Take a drama director for example. The need to depict a particular scene with the desired background and the requisite verbal lines of communication does not come out of normal thinking. The soul needs to create that as a special thought process and then transport it to the mind.

¤ The master of horror – Alfred Hitchcock could create such spine chilling horror stories because he could see and understand the very soul of the psychopathic criminals. Hence it is true that the fine arts and soul amalgamation by these genius creates something unique for the normal human beings.

Fine art - The Evolution
The history of Art dates way back around 10,000 – 1,000 B.C. as evidenced by sculptures, cave and rock paintings of our long gone ancestors. It would normally depict animals and human-like forms or outline of the primitive man equipped with arrows and spears, at a time when hunting was considered the primary source of food and essential for survival.

Art has progressed from this primitive period and it would not take long before more sophisticated styles were introduced.

Works from the Renaissance art period; It was toward the end of the 14th century that the early Renaissance period began in Florence, Italy.

During this period even though the subject matter of art remained mostly Christian there were different symbols and themes introduced which took ideas from modern philosophy and classical mythology, it is still popular up to this day, but artistic styles such as the Early Christian, and

Byzantine art as began in the 5th century and went on through to the fall of the Byzantine Empire in the mid-15th century. It was an art form which was practiced in the Empire in Eastern Europe and tended to have highly religious themes and concepts. Then we have

Romanesque art as came about sometime in the year 1000 and it stayed around until around 1150 in France, Italy, Great Britain and the German. This art form simply means “in the style of the Roman.”

Gothic, Baroque and Rococo as have contributed to the modern day art as we know today:

Gothic art
Gothic art is a style of medieval art that developed in France from Romanesque art of the mid twelfth century. During this proceeding, Gothic architecture was also on the rise; the art spread throughout the Western Europe and covered the entire region of north Alps.

Baroque Art
The baroque art uses exaggerated motion, easily interpreted and clear details to produce drama, exuberance and grandeur in painting, sculpture, literature, music and dance.

Rococo art
Rococo is a French word meaning rock work. Rock work was an 18th Century movement in European art. This art style is associated with the period of the famous Louis XII.

On the mid-19th century until the early 20th century,
in a search for new standards and endless possibilities, Modern Art was born. This is Arts’ way of coping up with the fast changing world.

Concepts such as
Impressionism, Cubism, Expressionism, Dadaism, Fauvism and Surrealism became popular and artists from these movements were highly regarded. Pablo Picasso, for example, is considered one of co-founders of the Cubist movement and universally known for his revolutionary artistic accomplishments.

On the latter half of the 20th century,
Modernism, which is the idealistic search for the truth paved the way to the realization that it is in fact unattainable. Relativism was introduced and accepted as unavoidable truth. Conceptually, it is a point of view that there is no absolute truth and that there is only relative value which is subjective to the differences in perception. This led to the Contemporary Art period, where changing cultures of the world is embedded in the expression of art.

This art further evolved and developed in a more sophisticated form, commonly referred to as fine art.

The fine arts movement
This is primarily created for aesthetic purposes. Before, it was only confined to painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry, referred as the five greater fine arts. Today, it can be categorized as visual art and performing art.

Visual art may now also refer to ceramics, printmaking, design, and craft, as much as painting and sculpture.

Performing arts is the artistic expression through the use of the artists’ body or voice. Theatre and dance arts are among the oldest forms popular until today. This form as a performing art has undergone a myriad of changes in both scope as well as presentation. Fine arts theater is based on using expressions to relay a message to the audience, for instance using physical expressions using artistic styles such as hand gestures, body language, and verbal expressions as seen in poetry, song, music, and dance.

Modern technology plays an important role in the advancement of fine art. While some forms of art were little changed and remained traditional, the integration of technological inventions and a move for postmodern art has introduced a new approach on how artists make their craft.

The use of cameras and video and editing devices have led the way to the development of modern visual arts. Powerful and high resolution lenses help achieve visually compelling images even outside of space. The introduction of 3D technology makes way for a better viewing experience and appreciation of the art of filmmaking.

These modern gadgets bring out the highest quality output and continue to foster people’s interest in art and fine art. This are of art as people know it today may change in the future, but the ability of art to adapt to any circumstances makes it relevant to the world for an indefinite time.

Fine Art is Good for People of All Ages
Art, regardless of your age, is good for us. Art will invite you as a human to strive forth and grow. Take a toddler and let them do art with you – art can help toddlers build their motor skills.

As an adult, when you view fine arts, you are relaxing your mind. Have you ever wondered why those who are more in touch with their “artsy” side tend to be happier in life? Because they use art as a way to escape from time to time.

Expose Your Child to Art
It is interesting to note that for children, the various disciplines of fine art are of great use. They help to develop skills in learning and with their relationships with others. Communication becomes easier for a child who has been exposed to art. When they carefully observe, their analytical skills develop. Then, they are better able to express their emotions and what is on their minds.

Take art photography, for example. It takes a lot of patience to practice it and a lot of practice is also necessary. A photographer will be defined by the area in which they find fulfillment when they take their pictures. A person learning the method needs to know how to go about taking a picture in the first place.

For this, they can do research through books or the Internet to see other people’s work. Then, they’ll be exposed to the different kinds of equipment used. In this kind of art, the quality is shown from how the picture is composed to when it is produced.

Designing fine art is essential in expressing one’s decorative side in the home, office or church. Things like glass, wood, ceramic and even metal art, can be used to produce sculptures, create effect on glass windows, do pottery work and to make furniture.

For interior design it’s important to have a creative mind that is open to trying new ideas and concepts.

The Colorful Truth
Color affects people. It also provides a sense of fulfillment. For this reason it’s important to see what color brings out of someone. Also, a great way of self-expression is how a person chooses to design and decorate their home or office. It´s often about the psychology of art.

Graphic Design is a Fine Art
Did you know that graphic design is a form of fine art? Graphic design can help
individuals develop their creativity. Graphics are done by using a computer with
programs that require expertise. For graphic work, drawing is essential because it helps in creating attention to detail. A great career can be achieved with dedication to proper studies on graphic design and a creative mind.

Abstract art
For those individuals who might perhaps not be in the know, abstract art happens to be an unconventional branch of visual arts that intentionally steers clear of depicting reality as we know it. It can either be a painting or even a sculpture whose subject does not represent anything that might be in existence in the physical world. For most artists that practice this unusual form of art, an emphasis on visual language using mediums such as colors, forms, shapes, lines and even specific brushstrokes is indispensable. As it enables a viewer to make a unique interpretation of the subject matter without the artist been required to provide a distinguishable conventional visual reference.

In essence "abstract art" with just one stroke effectively engages and even challenges the imagination and more to the point emotions of the viewer. This naturally does away with the basic requirements of traditional forms of art, which is the capability of the viewer to understand the artist’s implicit or explicit message. Instead, this form of art is fundamentally based on the viewer’s initial mental response of the work of art in question and their intellectual understanding of it.

Unlike what some individuals might like to believe, this branch of art has been around for quite some time. Indeed the widely acclaimed artists Picasso, Matisse and other well note masters can be said to have started this revolution. These artists began deviating from the conventional painting methods of their days in favor of abstraction. However, the Russian artist Wassily Kadinsky undoubtedly happens to be the first to integrate complete abstraction in his works way back in the early twentieth century.

This artist believed that the appropriate usage of colors could effectively elicit all manner of emotions from the viewer. For instance, Kadinsky was of the opinion that red was lively and vivacious, green serene, blue deep, yellow warm and white tranquil but full of endless potential. He went on to assert that music could also be clearly depicted in a visual arrangement, which could vividly outline an interpretation of harmonious melody.

As the years flew by more and more artist started adopting abstraction in their works. Some of the most notable include the French artist Robert Delaunay Piet Mondrian, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and plenty more others who started to follow suit. Effectively pushing against the preexisting boundaries of visual art as we know it and in effect ingeniously providing a unique and totally refreshing point of view. To make things even better members of the De stiljl school of art also began to explore spiritualism through visual art, which opened new horizons for this form of art.

Today abstract art as fine art has gained the widespread acceptance of all contemporary schools of art, and thanks to the major technological advancements gained over the last few decades, artists can effortlessly create works using cutting edge technology to effectively spark their viewers’ imagination. Which speaks volumes of just how far art has leaped forward, and if the early pioneers of this art form could come back to life, they would undoubtedly be thrilled with this state of affairs.

In the corporate office and our individual environment, our souls need nourishment just as much as our bodies.

Since the eyes are the ‘windows’ of the soul, the art on your walls is what nourishes the soul in a silent, passive, understated, yet never-unnoticed way.

Consider, then, what a small tasteful collection of fine abstract art can do for your office walls and private home.

It will be good for the soul… to be nourished while you work.

Think about it...

Have A Fine Art Day

Kenth Bender
Artist & Published Author
Gothenburg Sweden

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The culture of Greece has evolved over thousands of years, beginning in Mycenaean Greece, continuing most notably into Classical Greece, through the …

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My country is nepal and i love my country very much.There is very good and very nice culture in my nepal .There is a very great Art in my nepal like anshuvarma …

Fine Art 
It is good blog and historic. I like to read it and very interest. Keep this items at museum and gallery long times!

fines arts in india 
In my opinion, India has the most beautiful cultural creations because of the legends like Rabindranath Tegore, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar. Whoever watches …

art and culture in your country 
The most remarkable features of India, is the arts and culture in particular. The culture and art of India refers to the way of life of the people of India, …

Indian Art 
I come from India, a country where there are various forms and art. The rock caves painting of Ajantha and Ellora are captivating. Similarly the statues …

art and culture in your country 
Culture plays an important role in the development of india. Culture and creativity manifest themselves in almost all economic, social and other activities. …

1.India has one of the world’s largest collections of songs, music, dance, theatre, folk traditions, performing arts, rites and rituals, paintings and …

Mount Everest 
Nepal is a very beautiful country because of Here are very wonderful sites and very interesting cultures. We have the Mount Everest(8,848m) and here are …

India a Diverse country 
What makes my country India special is its diversity. My Country,s different regions have different festivals, dance forms and music. My good artists lived …

Living In Paris 
I am from Paris France and it is a very beautiful country. We have many great museums like the Louvre, the d’Orsay, Picasso, Delacroix, the Centre Pompidou. …

Details Of Fine Art In Europe Colleges 
The continent called Europe is known for its historical architecture and museums occupied with global famous artworks. It is important to know that skilled …

The Beauty of Fine Art in South America 
Fine art in South America is original artwork that showcases the great talent and artistry that people from South America have. The richness of color and …

Defining Fine art prints 
Fine arts have meant all forms of art that are used mainly for aesthetic value. This definition started in the 18th century. Painting, sculpture, music …

Fine art lighting 
Great lighting is a primary ingredient of an effective trade-show booth. The perfect lighting program can help a performer create the atmosphere of the …

The Art of Expression 
From the origins of the mind comes the idea. An idea based on beliefs, considerations, expectations, and high concentration. Its creator places it …

Inspired Mother 
This site has encouraged me to tap into my creative side and use fine art as an outlet to the outside world. I have always enjoyed different forms of art …

Picasso is alive! 
Pablo Picasso is a Spanish painter, one of the most important of the 20th century. He was born on 25 October of 1881. He studied at Barcelona and he settled …

Fine Art is a body that stands on its own and is at the top most entertainment of all times. As a fact, fine art is used to depict so much that’s happening …

Hello Kenth. I just wanted to take this moment to tell you that I think your site is not only informative, creative, and agreeable to the site, but also …

A land of Art & Culture indeed is India. In India you will be welcomed to extraordinary forms of dance, music, and other creative arts. India is rich in …

To all Fine Art Bender Visitors Not rated yet
What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculty! In form, in moving, how express and admirable! In action how like an angel! …

Fine Art and Credibility Not rated yet
Most people think about buying fine art pieces done by famous artists. Unfortunately, most end up with art pieces that are not the original work done by …

Fine art - African-American Art  Not rated yet
The term African American art is broad. It's used to describe the visual arts of the black American community and is influenced by different cultural traditions …

Do you have special memories of fine art, special discoveries of fine art or art in general? Not rated yet
Dear Visitor and Online Friend I invite You to submit Your stories, articles, commentaries, blog posts, thoughts, opinions etc. Do you have special …

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”The people no longer seek consolation in art. But the refined people, the rich, the idlers seek the new, the extraordinary, the extravagant, the scandalous. I have contented these people with all the many bizarre things that come into my head. And the less they understand, the more they admire it. By amusing myself with all these games, all this nonsense, all these picture puzzles, I became famous ... I am only a public entertainer who has understood his time.”

-- Pablo Picasso

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