fine art painting - abstract art painting
by bender

"I think it’s wrong that people think art is just this lifeless object that hangs on a wall. 

Art can be inspirational and life-changing when it’s seen every day.”

That´s why I try to penetrate behind the "image surface", beyond the "picture"
because it`s where the art is fertilized and emerges.

It´s time for an Artitude!

Art Therapy Is More Than Just Making Nice Pictures

Anyone who has ever put pen to paper, crayon to coloring book, or hand to wet clay knows the healing powers embedded in such creative endeavors. More than just a pastime, art can be an escape, a stimulus, a war cry or a tranquil reprieve.

Art therapy, defined as "a form of psychotherapy that uses art media as its primary mode of communication," revolves around this principal of art's immense power. Open to children and adults of any background and experience, the still-evolving field explores modes of expression, understanding and healing that occur when paint touches canvas. While too many schools today run under the assumption that art is extraneous, a diversion from traditional academic subjects, art therapists know better. They know that art has the potential to change lives, and, even to save them.


Once again, we see how the power of the arts channels and releases our inner potential and has a healing effect.  If we see art therapy as an "instant" remedy we can also see art as a preventive phenomenon reducing ill health in the future.  We are often visiting galleries, museums, buying art, collecting and actively looking at fine art paintings and abstract art paintings.....exploring it. Through these actions we will learn more about ourselves and life.

I know that each and every person that is reading this is capable of becoming more effective in their practice. I don't know if they've already decided to do that or not in their heart of hearts, whatever that means.

But I do know that just as soon as they begin to practice a little more, the results will start to show. It's just one of those things that can't be helped can it? The more you practice, the better you get. The better you get, the more you enjoy it. The more you enjoy it, the more you tend to do it, - for you life.


Mesquite Kids “Get Smart With Art”

Although some may regard art education as a luxury, simple creative activities are some of the building blocks of child development,” stated Grace Hwang Lynch in an article published on the PBS Parents web site.

Studies show that there is a correlation between art and other achievement. A report by Americans for the Arts states that young people who participate regularly in the arts (three hours a day on three days each week through one full year) are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, to participate in a math and science fair or to win an award for writing an essay or poem than children who do not participate” Lynch said in her article.

I love this Get Smart With Art initiative. I have for several years been campaigning for children as early as possible should be given opportunities to meet art in various forms. Get Smart With Art (what a ingeniously title) initiative leads, or should lead, to all adults who work with children and art, also introduces children to the culture topic. That is, we live in an often incomprehensible world, which often makes life pretty abstract . By also linking together Our Civilization's Largest and Most Important Social Phenomenon Through Every Category Of Human Creation Worldwide - Arts & Culture - it will most likely show how concrete it is to Our Future (Human) Development.


Express Yourself: Learn the healing power of art, no skills required
Jani cites a growing body of research surrounding art's therapeutic properties, from music to journaling. “Music therapy, for instance, has proven ...

"Tap into innate creativity, unleash an inner artist…and heal body and soul. This fall, in a series of free community events, Dr. Uday Jani, an internist with a fellowship in integrated medicine, M.E. Edge, LCSW, experienced mental health professional, and Eileen Wilkinson, founder of WELLarts, discuss the transformational effect of art on the body’s healing processes. Attendees will be encouraged to explore journaling, collaging, coloring and other artistic activities."

It is not just something that neutralizes anything, it fertilizes also the individual's life in the abstract world we often encounter and live in... A very good initiative.


Art gives Child Welfare League a lift

Trinidad Guardian If you happened to be driving along the Western Main Road, St James recently, you would have seen a group of art students from St George's College, ..

“This is more than just painting a wall for us. This is an art experience,” Walcott-Gittens said proudly. “Chloe Lewis (one of my students) has an aunt (Sherma Browne) at Scotia as well and she had met with Ms Mc Pherson during the week about getting on board. With nine panels to paint, we pre-planned, deciding on the lettering, did the cutting, etc. But we had to make some adjustments from day one; there was a doubles vendor there, so we couldn’t start on the panels on either side of them.

No, it is of course not just about painting a wall. Art is about "life". Maybe it's the budding young artists we see. Every school, every town, every neighborhood, every children area of the world, should offer all children some form of scheduled art & cultural activities. I am more and more convinced that this will lead to a better understanding between children and between the cultural differences. Moreover, art is about to learn something about yourself.
This is about Our Civilisation's Largest and Most Important Social Phenomenon Through Every Category Of Human Creation Worldwide - Arts & Culture - and Its Fundamental Importance To Our Future (Human) Development ".


Are you established as an artist?

I´m working on my upcoming book: The Deep Meaning of Art/s.  
Focus on abstract art: painting, sculpture, installation/performance, art photography, dance, music etc.

To get a wider coverage of the topic, I will collect different perspectives and angles.  I seek contact with established artists across the world who are keen to participate and illuminate the subject from their own experiences about "The deep meaning of art/s.

Date of publication not yet been determined, hopefully during 2016.

The book will be a compilation of artists view of the topic.
If you are established and interested, send your name and URL of your website to If you´re not an artist or established but know someone, please let them know.

Alexander a Budding Young Artist

Santa Claus - Coloring Book
for Budding Young (children) Artists
In English, Coming soon in German, French and Spanish

This is What´s going on in Europe at the moment?

The fine art painting: "Migration - Tolerance - Intolerance"
seems to symbolize the stream of refugees quite adequate

Read more: Gallery

Dear Clients and Art Collectors,

It’s been some time since I expressed my heartfelt thanks.

While looking at my calendar a couple of days ago, after returned from the exhibition in Ferrara, Italy, I thought about the thank-you notes I should send to two new clients/collectors.

Then it suddenly occurred to me that, while saying thanks to folks who just bought from me may be good business, I never took the time to express my sincere appreciation to you for your loyalty over the years.

I’m concerned that something I did caused you to stay away for so long. If so, please contact me at: so I can correct the problem.

Then again, maybe life’s events just got in the way. Whatever the case, I suppose I’m no more guilty than most people. We are so concerned with day-to-day business needs that we seldom take time out to show the great gratitude we feel for our most important business friends ... those who keep coming back and who thoughtfully send others to us, even those who are in the beginning of his career as art collectors.

I appreciate your continuing support.

Kenth Bender


Written By: Andrea Musacci

Article Published at the Nueva Ferrara Newspaper
Translated By: Anne Felix

A melting pot in great Babel of the Buskers Festival; In the heart of Ferrara, surrounded by the sounds of the street, 33 artists from around the world showcase at the Castello Estense to “Rise, Creating from the Heart”, open until Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00. The exhibition was organized by ArtTour International Magazine from New York and Vivid Arts Network. It restored life to the bowels of the castle, occupying three rooms with hundreds of art works, flooded with color styles and cultures, often archaic and contradictory.

Last Saturday, Viviana Puello, curator of the event with Alan Grimandi, inaugurated the collective in the presence of hundreds of people, and the occasion was also mediated by Alberta Johnson, Reverend of New York. Sunday 23rd, was the awards night: the ATIM Choice Award went to Margaret Chwialkoswka while ATIM Timeless Awards were presented to John Nieman with “The Bucket List” and Michael Lam with “Two Hearts Three Plains”. Finally, the ATIM Masters Awards to the following artists: Michael Geudner & Eugen Fass, Sheefali Asija, Alex Slingenberg, Cristina Ilinca, Leroi Johnson, Kenth Bender, Suzanne Duncan, Sharon Ross and Durga Garcia. At the end, there was the fashion show of the French brand Envid’Ankor, with a line of hand-painted clothing, and the artists as models.

After two years of celebration in the US and Canada, the organizers have therefore chosen Ferrara a place “full of history, romance and art”, also much loved by the artists themselves. Puello and Grimandi explained how the early days have been and how everything turned out great. Furthermore – continuing – ArtTour magazine, distributed in USA and Canada in more than 1,200 bookstores, will do an article about the exhibition and a video can be visited on Undoubtedly this is an important showcase for Ferrara.

Interview Tuscany TV Show “Incontri con l’Arte”

Picture from the ceremony august 23rd

Opening at Ferrara exhibition august 22nd

See more pictures 


Behavioral research suggests that Westerners focus more on objects, whereas East Asians attend more to relationships and contexts. We evaluated the neural basis for these cultural differences in an event-related fMRI study. East Asian and American participants incidentally encoded pictures of (1) a target object alone, (2) a background scene with no discernable target object, and (3) a distinct target object against a meaningful background. 

Americans, relative to East Asians, activated more regions implicated in object processing, including bilateral middle temporal gyrus, left superior parietal/angular gyrus, and right superior temporal/supramarginal gyrus. In contrast to the cultural differences in object-processing areas, few differences emerged in background-processing regions. These results suggest that cultural experiences subtly direct neural activity, particularly for focal objects, at an early stage of scene encoding.

Gutchess, A. H., Welsh, R. C., Boduroĝlu, A., & Park, D. C. (2006). Cultural differences in neural function associated with object processing. Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience, 6(2), 102-109. Retrieved from 

Read more: Behavioral research suggests that Westerners

Dear visitors,

I am very proud to announce that I´m represented with two works of art in the museum's permanent collections at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Los Angeles, USA.

Nobel lauerate Eric Kandel

On December 8th, the Nobel lauerate Eric Kandel  gave a lecture in the ”Culture and Health”-series on the theme of his award-winning book ”The Age of Insight: The Quest to Understand the Unconscious in Art, Mind, and Brain From Vienna 1900 to the Present

Professor Kandel pointed out a connection between Darwin and Freud: With natural selection and sexual selection, attractions, feelings, emotions and sexual desires become as important as logical reasoning to the understanding of humans. Kandell gave numerous examples (from among others Klimt, Kokoschka and Schiele) of how this awareness influences arts in Wienna from 1900 and on.

Nobel laurate Eric Kandel is professor at the Department of Neuroscience at Columbia University, New York and Director of The Kavli Institute for Brain Science. He has pioneered the research on cellular and molecular mechanisms for memory, and he is author of one of the main textbooks in Neurobiology.

Fine Art Painting

A lot of people buy posters and prints. There’s no doubt that purchasing posters and prints is fun and affordable. However, there’s a lot you need to do to savor a piece of art. In case you’ve been choosing framed prints, you need to look beyond and consider color oil fine art paintings. An oil painting is one of a kind, and lasts forever. In this post, we’ve discussed some effective tips why buying a color oil painting is much better than other options.

Oil- and  Acrylic Paintings are Tactile
It’s worth mentioning that a print’s surface can’t match the luscious textual variations clearly depicted in a painting. Whether a painting is done on canvas, mottled watercolor paper or wood, an oil painting always has a touchable quality that sets it apart.

Oil and Acrylic Painting are Excellent for Renters
In case you’ve rented a place, it can be very difficult to customize your space without the use of paint on the walls or making some changes. However, a couple of color oil fine art paintings can instantly make your space feel more like 'you’. Unlike some bulky pieces of furniture, an oil painting can fit in almost every home. Thus, if you move frequently, an oil painting becomes a wise investment.

Oil and Acrylic Painting are One of a Kind
There’s no doubt that an oil painting is one of a kind. There’s always something satisfying about buying a piece of unique and exceptional artwork for your home. Unlike photographs, oil paintings look unique, spectacular, and enhance the overall visual appeal of your home. They can make your home look 'special’, and bring a glitter in every guest’s eyes.

Paintings Inspire - and you can learn a lot about yourself
Unlike digital photographs, color oil paintings always look inspiring. When you look at a painting that you love, it refreshes your spirit. In fact, it makes you feel closer to whatever’s being depicted in the painting. When you save up money for a painting you adore, you can give yourself the gift of inspiration. The best part is that you’ll be inspired everyday while looking at the painting.

Fine art Paintings are a Long Term Investment
The best part about purchasing a fine art painting is that it’s a long term investment. Whether you consider purchasing a car or furniture for your home, the value of everything depreciates over time. However, when you purchase a color oil painting, its value increases over time. An oil painting can last with you forever. As mentioned earlier, you can even pass it on to future generations, and make sure they remember you forever.

When you consider buying paintings, it becomes important to choose a reputed and experienced painter. This makes sure you get the best oil painting at a reasonable price. Choosing someone who doesn’t have the experience to create masterpieces with color and oil on canvas will just end up in a waste of money and time. You need to choose someone who has been doing this for long, and make sure the painting meets your expectations. Since many experienced painters have their own websites, it has become easier to find someone for the job.

Fine Art - Abstract Art - Culture & Science

Fine art is a visual art created primarily for beauty and  intellectual purposes and judged for its meaningfulness.

¤ This form however, doesn't only include visual paintings, but
sculptures, drawing and poetry as examples.  It  includes a type of art form from around the 17th century on.

Fine art how to understand it, is about the creation of visual arts which involves painting, sculpting and drawing. Today, thanks to museums and collectors, there are over one thousand drawings by Rembrandt which have been preserved.

For this to be seen as fine art it needs to qualify; so it needs to be graphics, a painting or a drawing, decorative art or photography.  It can be a complete and polished piece of work or it can be a rough sketch or drawing in pencil or charcoal.

¤ It must be an
expression in the field of art and conceived according to aesthetic principles.

An Art Form Depicting Society Accurately
Although many of the newer forms of art are a mixture of different genres, this  form at that time until today is essentially for aesthetic purposes.  A purpose of  the work of some of the artists was to also capture society accurately.

¤ The history of this dates centuries back, backed up by findings of rock paintings, ancient sculptures from cavemen days and even further back.

The lifestyles of cavemen; their hunting and interaction with nature was depicted in their art. To this end this type of art is imagining what the subject means to the artist and then having the means and skills to transfer it onto a painting.

Read more about fine art

Dear Kenth!

Thank you for the wonderful book that contained your art, as well as the art of many others. Very interesting I love your work.

And thanks for the two ties as well, very colourful.

Wish you all the best with your work.

Jack Canfield
Co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series Mr. Canfield has sold over 500 million books and had 47 titles on the best-selling list

"It is not that often that an artistic talent like Kenth Bender is shows up and gets recognized inside and outside Scandinavia.

Kenth a gifted and talented artist known to all of us who have been exposed to the art of Kenth.   Having turned his talent into writing, decorating and allowing to have published a book teaching young people Art and Culture in a language that is understood and is comprehended in an instrumental way and is illustrated is hard and ambitious and not easy.  Kenth has passed this test with flying colour and we salute him for his efforts and his results.

Kids understand when told in a language they relate to.   We can all enjoy the result and share the moment and hope this is the first of several books and in the highest traditions of Swedish children book culture for which Sweden is well known worldwide.

Art Nordic

Boi Wynsch
Sr. partner"

Bender Next©

If you want a memorable celebration that your friends will talk about for years, then sign up to the right for a hand-clapping, foot-stomping, rip-roaring, good time.

After 20-year break, I'm back since 2-3 years and it has been a fantastic progression during this short time. Want to join the onward journey, it will most likely be even better. Perhaps you are eager to be part of this adventure. It will happen even more ...


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India is a land of diverse cultures. A history of the art and civilization of India includes discussions of sculpture, jewelry, painting, and illustrated …

Barong Legend in Indonesia 
Hi, I'm from Indonesia. As you should know that there are to many art and culture that can be enjoyed here. But I just want to introduce you all about …

Barong Legend in Indonesia 
Hi, I'm from Indonesia. As you should know that there are to many art and culture that can be enjoyed here. But I just want to introduce you all about …

Sin City Culture 
The culture here in Las Vegas, NV, otherwise known as Sin City is varied. Most think it is only found on the famous "Strip" but it can be found all around …

Culture of Greece-Dances  
The culture of Greece has evolved over thousands of years, beginning in Mycenaean Greece, continuing most notably into Classical Greece, through the …

My country nepal Art & Culture.... 
My country is nepal and i love my country very much.There is very good and very nice culture in my nepal .There is a very great Art in my nepal like anshuvarma …

Fine Art 
It is good blog and historic. I like to read it and very interest. Keep this items at museum and gallery long times!

fines arts in india 
In my opinion, India has the most beautiful cultural creations because of the legends like Rabindranath Tegore, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar. Whoever watches …

art and culture in your country 
The most remarkable features of India, is the arts and culture in particular. The culture and art of India refers to the way of life of the people of India, …

Indian Art 
I come from India, a country where there are various forms and art. The rock caves painting of Ajantha and Ellora are captivating. Similarly the statues …

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art and culture in your country 
Culture plays an important role in the development of india. Culture and creativity manifest themselves in almost all economic, social and other activities. …

Mount Everest 
Nepal is a very beautiful country because of Here are very wonderful sites and very interesting cultures. We have the Mount Everest(8,848m) and here are …

India a Diverse country 
What makes my country India special is its diversity. My Country,s different regions have different festivals, dance forms and music. My good artists lived …

Living In Paris 
I am from Paris France and it is a very beautiful country. We have many great museums like the Louvre, the d’Orsay, Picasso, Delacroix, the Centre Pompidou. …

Details Of Fine Art In Europe Colleges 
The continent called Europe is known for its historical architecture and museums occupied with global famous artworks. It is important to know that skilled …

The Beauty of Fine Art in South America 
Fine art in South America is original artwork that showcases the great talent and artistry that people from South America have. The richness of color and …

Defining Fine art prints 
Fine arts have meant all forms of art that are used mainly for aesthetic value. This definition started in the 18th century. Painting, sculpture, music …

Fine art lighting 
Great lighting is a primary ingredient of an effective trade-show booth. The perfect lighting program can help a performer create the atmosphere of the …

To all Fine Art Bender Visitors 
What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculty! In form, in moving, how express and admirable! In action how like an angel! …

The Art of Expression 
From the origins of the mind comes the idea. An idea based on beliefs, considerations, expectations, and high concentration. Its creator places it …

Inspired Mother 
This site has encouraged me to tap into my creative side and use fine art as an outlet to the outside world. I have always enjoyed different forms of art …

Picasso is alive! 
Pablo Picasso is a Spanish painter, one of the most important of the 20th century. He was born on 25 October of 1881. He studied at Barcelona and he settled …

Fine Art is a body that stands on its own and is at the top most entertainment of all times. As a fact, fine art is used to depict so much that’s happening …

Hello Kenth. I just wanted to take this moment to tell you that I think your site is not only informative, creative, and agreeable to the site, but also …

In my city, Tallahassee, a lot of the art is focused out of the college campuses. I would like to see a more localized approach taking place. I would love …

I agree with your position regarding the importance of exposing children to art. Art encourages both children and adults to be creative and to have fun …

Art is a special form of communication. We must remember that art is a magic form of expression which can take one to their own imaginary place. The …

Art in the (Uppermost) Southeast U.S.  
I am from central North Carolina, where I would say art is not largely emphasized. With the exception of few urban centers, most from this area are not …

India & its live culture is reach in cultural & festival activity all the year...You will find amazing soul touching actions in daily life...of India..!

Ancient Meseum! 
It is nice blog and I like to read it. Keep it long times that visitor and travelers can visit it in the world!!

1.India has one of the world’s largest collections of songs, music, dance, theatre, folk traditions, performing arts, rites and rituals, paintings and …

A land of Art & Culture indeed is India. In India you will be welcomed to extraordinary forms of dance, music, and other creative arts. India is rich in …

Fine Art and Credibility Not rated yet
Most people think about buying fine art pieces done by famous artists. Unfortunately, most end up with art pieces that are not the original work done by …

Fine art - African-American Art  Not rated yet
The term African American art is broad. It's used to describe the visual arts of the black American community and is influenced by different cultural traditions …

Do you have special memories of fine art, special discoveries of fine art or art in general? Not rated yet
Dear Visitor and Online Friend I invite You to submit Your stories, articles, commentaries, blog posts, thoughts, opinions etc. Do you have special …

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