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- in search to go beyond the image surface 
to find the moment of conception

Kenth Bender
Award Winning Artist &
Published Author

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery
531 West 25th Street- Ground Floor- Chelsea
New York, New York 10001, USA

Kenth Bender - Falköping | Sweden.
The driving force of my painting and artistry.
Beginning +30 years ago, my artwork today drives by accelerating the emergence of a sustainable civilization driven by the attention of our civilization's largest and most important social phenomena - arts and culture - and its fundamental importance to our future human development and well-being. There is always something to learn.

The passion for painting began 1987, but it was not until 2013 that the fire in the heart and the passion for the painting exploded. This has bringing exhibitions in Sweden, Germany, USA, Italy, France and Denmark. Celebrated 30 years in 2017 after he started painting

Take another step forward!
Do not allow you to "only" consider an "image" as an artwork,
then you only reach the image surface. Start Reflecting!
The titles of the artwork you encounter on this site are rarely or never literal, they are metaphors. Therefore, when you look at and interpret the artwork, adapt or "customize" the title in relation to your own experiences, meaning and significance.
Relate to your personality and your life. 
As you begin to interact and penetrate the artwork from your personal perspective, 
you´ll find yourself behind the "image-surface" and you do NOT become a passive viewer of a picture, you become an active co-creator of an artwork.

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Bender Passage

CV - Resume


Invitations to exhibitions
2019 - so far; - 39 invitations
In 2019, so far, from around the world, I have received thankfully about 39 invitations to exhibitions and art projects.

Most of 2018 my website and painting was parked. I mainly worked with the new project AID-M Watch™.  By the end of January 2019, I am now back.

Art World 2016, Digital ebook by Studio Byblos, Italy

2015, “RISE” L’Arte Ascolta il Cuore Castello Estense - Ferrara, Italy
2015, Digital exhibition at Louvre Museum in Paris, July

2015, Exhibition at Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, USA.
2015, Art Nordic Exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015, Tuscany Nordic, Italy
2015, Salon International Galerie d´l Eglise de la Madeleine, Paris
2013, Marziart Internationale Galerie Hamburg


The American/Italian Art Tour International Magazine has 2015, as one of the nominees for ATIM's Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art, awarded ATIM'S MASTERS AWARDS 2015.

At The ATIM Masters Award Ceremony august 23, 2015, I´ll receive the Award directly from Arttour International Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Viviana Puello in the presence of art critics and curators invited to this VIP event.

"RISE" L’Arte Ascolta il Cuore, International Exhibition & Award Ceremony

"The ATIM’s Masters Awards mark a new step in the artist’s career and are given in recognition for excellence in the arts, creativity, quality use of their media and composition."

"ATIM TIMELESS AWARDS This award is given in recognition for excellence in the arts to an artist specific work or body of works. Selected artworks are considered “Timeless” images that remain and endure time, masterful creations that you will see and won’t be easy to forget!" Vivianna Puello, Editor in Chief, Art Tour International Magazine.

Designated as one of ATIM'S TOP 60 MASTERS OF CONTEMPORARY ART 2016 by Art Tour International Magazine

Designated as one of ATIM'S TOP 60 MASTERS OF CONTEMPORARY ART 2016 by Art Tour International Magazine

2015, Certificate of Excellent, Artavita´s Online Contemprary Masters Contest.
2014, Honorable MentionArtavita´s 9th Contemporary Masters Contest, Juried exhibition Online, USA.
2014, Diploma of Excellence, Honorable Award, 11th Media Global Art Annual, "Artists of Today", London
2012, Honorable MentionArtavita´s 2nd Contemporary Masters Contest, Juried exhibition Online, USA.

2015, Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas USA.
Two art work in the Museum´s Permanent Collections.

2003-06 Studied Special Education, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
1987 - Painting | Autodidact
1975-78 Studied Classic Guitar in Sweden

2015, CCA - Creativity Coaching Association

2015, Vivid Arts Network© - US/Italy
2015, Salon International Galerie d´l Eglise de la Madeleine, Paris
2015 - 2016  Swedish Association for Art
2010- BUS - Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden
1989-92, 2010 - 2015 The Swedish Artist Society – SK

2015, No 3, The visual artist, The art magazine by SK - Swedish Artist Society

2015, The US/Italian art magazine: Art Tour International Magazine, Summer Issue
2015, article published in 4 papers
2015, article published in 3 papers
2014, International Contemporary Master, ICM Volume IX, World Wide Artbooks
2014, article published in 3 papers
2013, The visual artist, The art magazine by SK - Swedish Artist Society
2013, The painting: Migration, Tolerance - Intolerance, featured in TV, Open Channel, Gothenburg Sweden, april 1:st, 2:nd and 3:rd.
2012, The Visual Artist, The Art Magazine by SK - The Swedish Artist Society
1989-91 selected papers.


1991 To portrait Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt, a Giant in Sweden. A celebrity and one of the most famous entertanier and actor at TV, film and variety between the 50s and 90s. Source: Wikipedia. Please use Google translation.

1990 Oil on canvas to the governor at the county governor´s residence, Jönkopings Län, Sweden.

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That's probably why art has followed humanity since the dawn of time, and still do...
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