Art Is More Than Art™
Life invites to great experiences. It also offers events and phenomena that are completely incomprehensible. Through the media, we can meet this daily worldwide and it is served in different "colors and shapes", "surface and well founded", "superficial and deep".

Our feelings are sucked into this turbulence, or we choose, as best we can, to reject one or more particular phenomenon. This is life, or a part of life. As individuals or the collective humanity, we know a lot about many things in life, but how much do we understand of all that we know?

It was these thoughts that created a big change in my painting. From having previously often tried to "copy" nature, buildings or people, I ”handed over” the painting to, and started to cooperate with the subconscious. The ruler-painting was consigned to history. 

Now the abstract painting became paradoxically more "real". I began to hear the music in the paintings. Music with a content of both harmony and dissonance, just as in life. We can divide Abstract Art or the degree of abstraction in various stages.

Although the degree of abstraction in the paintings grew, I moved myself from "knowing" to greater "understanding". And it was exactly the increased understanding I was seeking.

For this, I began more to "understand" that I as a viewer could learn more about myself through the paintings, and thus of life and the society. The paintings emerged now as a catalyst. I made discoveries that I probably had never done otherwise. It also means that the titles of the artwork, is more to be seen as metaphors than description of a painting.

Now I found: ”in search to go beyond the image surface to find the moment of conception”

In this way we change by what we are exposed to—what we see, what we hear, and what we feel. What we see and share on an everyday life can have a great impact on us. Art can have a radical effect on our emotions and reasoning process.

Art in all its forms— music, literature, drama, visual art— enters our perception and the memories become permanent. Where can we find this phenomenon elsewhere? A phenomenon that has followed humanity since the dawn of time, and continues to do so. This is very exclusive, pure luxury.

In the beginning, our brains were programmed to use this system. As humans, our survival and our abilities to develop and learn, all depends on our receptivity and how various ideas are presented.

The human brain learns how to speak a new language, follow maps, follow instructions, learn what emotions can mean and be more empathetic. Art takes all of the above skills to a whole new level. Art can really inspire us and change the way we think.

Finding a deeper meaning of paintings and consequently art, is helpful because a person is able to determine what is more meaningful to him or her, learn more about himself. This dictates choice or selection, because everyone would love to be surrounded by artistic emotions that spark a world of feelings and energy to him or her.

Meaning entails determining the things that you love, in order to live an energized life. So, How Can I Understand What I Do not Understand? Art is a genuine catalyst. This means that art is always at present without being consumed itself. 
Art is the premise since 100.000 – 2.500 BC. Art Is More Than Art©.

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Heritage & Future

Each part of each piece of art is created by Award-winning artist Bender. Creation continues passionately with new discoveries every day, with the ambition and aspiration of the history and culture of Swedish soil and roots of the name that can be traced to the 1883, - for the future.

Nothing is more powerful
than an idea whose time has come.

- Victor Hugo -


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