Fine Art

Fine Art 

 ¤ Fine art is a visual art created primarily for beauty and  intellectual purposes and judged for its meaningfulness.

¤ This form however, doesn't only include visual paintings, but
sculptures, drawing and poetry as examples.  It  includes a type of art form from around the 17th century on.

Fine art how to understand it, is about the creation of visual arts which involves painting, sculpting and drawing. Today, thanks to museums and collectors, there are over one thousand drawings by Rembrandt which have been preserved.

For this to be seen as fine art it needs to qualify; so it needs to be graphics, a painting or a drawing, decorative art or photography.  It can be a complete and polished piece of work or it can be a rough sketch or drawing in pencil or charcoal.
Art & Culture must be an
expression in the field of
art and conceived according to aesthetic principles.

An Art Form Depicting Society Accurately
Although many of the newer forms of art are a mixture of different genres, this  form at that time until today is essentially for aesthetic purposes.  A purpose of  the work of some of the artists was to also capture society accurately.

¤ The history of this dates centuries back, backed up by findings of rock paintings, ancient sculptures from cavemen days and even further back.

The lifestyles of cavemen; their hunting and interaction with nature was depicted in their art. To this end this type of art is imagining what the subject means to the artist and then having the means and skills to transfer it onto a painting.

Everyday life depictions became common with this art style  from the late 1800's on.

¤ Most of visual perception offers an explanation on art creation and the way it is perceived. The Gestalt theorists like Kurt Koffka and Max Wertheimer, among others, studied perceptual processes in humans.

¤ The principles of Gestalt are about understanding that art isn't just about brush strokes, it is a process of perception. Gestalt psychology, founded in 1910, had an influence on modern art and design.

A Visual Expression of Beauty
The artist wants to make the viewer see and feel the painting as beautiful. Drawing is a form of visual expression and an important form of visual arts.

In fact a painting or sculpture created for its beauty  falls into the category of

¤ Aesthetic Art.
Even though the creation of this art dates back centuries, it is still being created today, and the types of art included  for their beauty are:

¤ Drawings

¤ Sculptures

¤ Paintings

¤ Graphics

¤ Photography

¤ Architecture

¤ Performing arts

Many of these arts were not around when it first came about.

All visual works of art involve human eyesight and share some visual aesthetic characteristics. They produce images that are acceptable and which make sense to the brain. They all have a design and they all have different colors.

¤ As the 20th century was ushered in,
modern art started emerging; an artistic style of movement that extended to the 1970's.

There are a number of historians in the field of art who agree that aesthetic art shares something of the
contemporary art movement.

The Way Art Communicates with People
Viewing visual art is more than just looking and reacting;

¤ it is communication between the artist and viewer;

¤ interaction between the viewer and the art object. 

Art has actually been defined as a means for the  expression or communication of emotions and ideas. 

The communication or interaction differs with each viewer because of the viewer's own impressions. 

It is strange to think that because each arts discipline expresses itself through different media and that it appeals to different senses, research has shown that the study of fine arts helps to teach students a better understanding of human experiences and to be able to communicate thoughts and feelings in a variety of ways.

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