Ferrara Exhibition 2015

Ferrara Exhibition 2015

Important events have a tendency to create important places, both as a consequence of and as a strong experience. Thank you!

Participating in an art exhibition is of course such an event. Especially when I was awarded a prize, which I am very proud of. And that was also very surprising because I had not expected this.

Maybe I ask this question because I received a prize. What did I learn from this exhibition? Are there any particular points before, during and after the exhibition that I should consider next time?
Is there some preparation before the exhibition to consider:

- How do I prepare 
- Can or should I organize it in any particular way? Is there anything I should think about?
- In what way can I promote the forthcoming exhibition; 1, 2, 3...steps?

Pictures from the ceremony august 23

ATIM´s Master Award 2015

“The sculpture represents the moment when you decide to open your wings and fly, which is a moment of liberation. My message to the artists is to stay inspired, keep dreaming, and never give up. We are divine creatures, capable of much more than we give ourselves credit for. I hope ‘Alzando el Vuelo’ can bring that message closer to their hearts. We all have wings to fly—the secret is to dream above our beliefs.” The sculpture is gilded with 24 carat gold.
(Viviana Puello creator of the sculpture 2015). 

Pictures from the opening august 22nd,  2015

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