Kenth Bender (1947 - ), award-winning, professional artist who currently works primarily in acrylic. His work is a modern, contemporary fusion of explosive and energy-charged expression under the influence of and cooperation with the subconscious that integrate color, design and brushstrokes to convey a strong feeling. Bender lives in Sweden. He is celebrated 30 years in 2017 after he began to paint.

His work has been exhibited in several countries except Sweden; USA, Italy, Denmark, France and Germany. Among other, the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas USA. He has participated in a digital exhibition in the Louvre, Paris, France. He is also represented in the permanent collections at Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art. He is author of two books. The third book is written right now with the working title: Painting - Viewer and the deep meaning.

Nominated to "ATIM's Top 60 Masters Of Contemporary Art" 2015, presented by ArtTour International (American/Italian) Magazine

2015 ATIM´s Master Award 2015, ArtTour International Magazine
2015, Certificate of Excellent, Artavita´s Online Contemprary Masters Contest.
2014, Honorable Mention, Artavita´s 9th Contemporary Masters Contest, Juried exhibition Online, USA.
2014, Diploma of Excellence, Honorable Award, 11th Media Global Art Annual Online, "Artists of Today", London
2012, Honorable Mention, Artavita´s 2nd Contemporary Masters Contest, Juried in exhibition Online, USA.

Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas USA. Two art work in the Museum´s Permanent Collections.

2015, The visual artist, The art magazine by SK - Swedish Artist Society
2015, The US/Italian art magazine: Art Tour International Magazine, Summer Issue. Back cover.
2015, article published in 4 local papers
2015, article published in 3 local papers
2014, International Contemporary Master, ICM Volume IX, World Wide Artbooks
2014, article published in 3 local papers
2013, The visual artist, The art magazine by SK - Swedish Artist Society
2013, The painting: Migration, Tolerance - Intolerance, featured in TV
2012, The Visual Artist, The Art Magazine by SK - The Swedish Artist Society

2015, “RISE” L’Arte Ascolta il Cuore Castello Estense - Ferrara, Italy
2015, Digital exhibition at Louvre Museum in Paris
2015, Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas, USA
2015, Art Nordic Exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015, Tuscany Nordic, Italy
2015, Salon International Galerie d´l Eglise de la Madeleine, France
2014, Gallery Quirinus, Köping, Sweden
2014, Art Nordic Exhibition Copenhagen, Denmark
2013, Marziart Internationale Galerie, Germany
2013, 4th Annual Art Takes Miami, Digital Exhibition, USA
2013, Creative Rising Digital Exhibition, New York
2013, "The Story of The Creative" Digital Exhbition, Gallery: See Me, Long Island City, NY

2015, Vivid Arts Network© - US/Italy
2015, Salon International Galerie d´l Eglise de la Madeleine, Paris
2015, Swedish Association for Art
2010- BUS - Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden
1989-92, 2010 - The Swedish Artist Society – SK

Painting: Autodidact 1987 -
Special Educator: 2003-2006, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Studied Classical Guitar: 1975-1978, Sweden


Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art Inc.
531 West 25th Street Ground Floor
Chelsea, New York, USA


Thank you for your fine vibrant artwork submission to AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY's Curatorial Review Committee. AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY bears my Husband's distinguished Family Name and represents the standard of excellence of his well known New York City Name. Please note that we are an independent Fine Art Gallery and we are not connected with the Whitney Museum of Art.

AMSTERDAM WHITNEY International Fine Art congratulates you on being accepted to our distinguished €œFamily of Artists. After carefully reviewing your artwork, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery's Curatorial Review Committee has formally selected you to participate in our elite museum-caliber Representation Program. 

Our noteworthy Curatorial Review Committee was most impressed by your superb
 oeuvre such as "MR. & MRS BATES JOY"which resonates with a profound visual narrative as you reveal the invisible within the visible. The spiritual artistic journey that you portray in your stellar oeuvre  was quite impressive and was a triumph of personal expression. 

"Your oeuvre" generated a profound sense of symbolism while reflecting a universal message.  We salute you on your aesthetically absorbing oeuvre which reverberates with a dynamic textural sense and powerful visceral shapes.  We were enthralled by the emotive quality of "CLOSER TO FUTURE"which reflects your fine talent and vibrant visual intensity of colors.

Your compelling 
" JOY TO DISCOVER" conveys your unique artistic vision of capturing the impalpable as you seize the essence of the emotional and physical experience.  Our Committee salutes you on your oeuvre with its important visual narrative and its emotional link to the human and artistic experience.  We are so pleased with your marvelous art and the positive energy of your stellar compositions. 

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Heritage & Future

Each part of each piece of art is created by Award-winning artist Bender. Creation continues passionately with new discoveries every day, with the ambition and aspiration of the history and culture of Swedish soil and roots of the name that can be traced to the 1883, - for the future.

Nothing is more powerful
than an idea whose time has come.

- Victor Hugo -


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