Emigration - Immigration
Tolerance | Intolerance?

Migration - Emigration | Immigration
tolerance - intolerance?

Migration, Emigration - Immigration?

Migration; emigration, immigration

is that about tolerance - intolerance?

Should the right to immigrate be controlled?

Is it only reserved for the impoverished and conflicted?


Why not?

Who defines the parameters of approving or denying a person’s desire to immigrate?

Is it a political issue dabbling in morality.

Is it the good country versus the bad country.

What if, for every person who wanted to immigrate,

a person from the host country, immigrated to the immigrant’s country.

Would this change the debates, the rules, and the right to immigrate?

Would migration even be an issue?

Would it?

A conglomeration of ideas,

scattered thoughts,

and dreams

embodies us all.

Some we migrate to

and tolerate.

While others, we cast aside.

If this were a rule of the future

would immigration stop, or

establish a worldwide chaos?

How would they know?

How would we know?

How does your reflection sound?

(Share your reflections below!)

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emigration -immigration
Tolerance - Intolerance?

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