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Fine Art Resources

Aboriginal Art | 11 Of The Hottest Aboriginal Men And Women
Acrylic Painting | Britannica
African art
African Influence on European and Western Art
Albania is a land of artists
An introduction to Modernism in Art and Literature | Tom Nicolas
Antigua | A Rich Culture
Antigua and Barbuda | Art | The Culture Trip
Art collection | Britannica
Art exhibition(s)  |  Wikipedia
Art Express
Art history | Best of history websites
Art Nouveau | Essay | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The ...Met
Art Objects | Jeanette Winterson
Art is Art Consignment
Artists or organizations in africa who work to increase the connection and international relations, - through arts?
Artist Express Beliefs, Values Through Art
Artistic Value and Art’s Definition
Arts of Africa | Brooklyn Museum

Build your brand: 20 unique color combinations to inspire you – Canva

Central african art | Fantastic Africa
Could arts centres hold the key to UK culture's future? | Culture ...| The Guardian
Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis | Facebook
Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis | Home
Contemporary Art Collection - National Gallery of Art Washington D.C.
Creative Aging Engages Seniors Through Art
Cultural Attractions and Activities in Albania

Defining the Lyrical Abstraction

Ecological Indifference: Thinking About Agency In The Face Of Ecological Crisis
Ethnographic museum of Kruja | Albania


Gotic Architecture | Encyclopaedia Britannica

How do you begin understanding abstract art?
How many African cultures are there?
How old is african culture
How small African figurine changed art | BBC Culture

Impressionism | Art Movements
Institute for Cultural Diplomacy
Is Modigliani perhaps just misunderstood?
Is there a link between a painting's artistic merit and its market value?
Is there any differences between abstract art and contemporary art?

Jackson Pollock, Artist

Museu Cesa d’Areny-plandolit or Ordino

Magnificent statue, a famous landmark for Tirana (Albania)
Meet Edi Rama, Albania´s artist prime minister 
Metropolitan Museum of Art | Wikipedia
Modern artists | The Top 14 Living Artists of 2014 | Artsy
Mosaic as Fine Art
Museu Cesa d’Areny-plandolit or Ordino | Andorra
Music and Painting | A Harmonious Relationship

National Museum of Independence | Albania
Nigerian National Museum | Guide to Nigeria tourism, local culture ...

Oil painting | Description, History, & Facts | Britannica
Op art – Art Term | Tate

Painting and Sculpture | MoMA
Permanent Collection | Phillips Collection

Sculpture as fine art or| The art of sculpture
Science meet art | Stanford University

The art of calligraphy writing in modern world
The Arts Society
The culture trip
The difference between C
ontemporary art and Modern art
The evolution of art | Artworks that advanced our understanding
The Fine Art Society
The most influential artists 2018 | Artsy
The National Historical Museum of Albania
The Psychology of Arts | Ellen Winner, Professor | Boston College
12 Things no one tells you before you become a street artist
The Top 10 Art Exhibitions to See in 2019 | Bloomberg
Types of Painting - an intro for kids of all ages | Sanger Academy

What are the contemporary art forms?
What does Central African art represent? | All About African
What is a painting? | or What makes a painting a painting?
What is abstract art | And why should I Care
What is art history
What is considered abstract art?
What is cultural heritage - culture in development
What is Expressionism | National Galleries of Scotland
What is hybridity contemporary art?
What is performance art? | Khan Academy
What is the history of Contemporary Art?
What makes video art collectible
When was the abstract art movement?

Where do you start with abstract art?
Which african artists are there that we do not know much about?
Who are those artists in africa, who today is invisible but regarded as emerging and future artists? 

Who is buying art right now? | 2019?
Who is famous for abstract art?
Why do people collect art?
Why is abstract art called abstract? | Britannica
Why is african art important?
Why is african culture important?
Why is fine arts so important? | Seneca Academy
Why is Modigliani important in art history
Why is visual art important?
Works of Art | 
10 Greatest works of art of all time

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