The Dignity of art to me

by Jiffy Rando
(Manila, Philippines)

From the beginning of time may it be on the early days ART has always been one of those concepts that transcends societal norms. As the article illustrates it clearly goes beyond factors such as country, race, color and even culture. To be honest I am not much of an artist. Heck I cannot even draw but even I can appreciate ART when I see one as well as recognize its contributions.

That being said what is this so called ART ??? Well to me it all depends on who is looking at it let alone what is his definition of The dignity of art. What I mean is what is art to some may not be art to most and vise versa. Take for example the art illustrated in the article, that to me is art but to some their definition of it may come in the form of an ABSTRACT. It all depends on PERSPECTIVE.

However, whatever form it may take Abstract or Formal as long as it can make you feel something or a portrait can tell a story that to me is where The dignity of art really shines, It really is one of the language of the heart I guess.

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Jan 22, 2020

by: Kenth Bender

Hi, Jiffy Rando,

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your way to reasoning. That is probably the breadth and depth of the art. That is what gives it both height and strength, at the same time difficult to explain. And maybe what creates its dignity, just like man.

See you next time,
Best regards

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